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Why Highland Capital Management is A Leading Alternative Investment Manager

Alternative investments have vastly begun to gain prominence in the past few years. Following that, investors have started taking different approaches towards this industry. For that reason, many companies have come forward with the intention of helping clients with portfolio diversification. Highland Capital Management is perhaps one of the best examples of firms that offer alternative investments. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.


The Foundation of Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management was formed by two major investment advisers who boast of having extensive knowledge in alternative investment. The two founders had previously worked in financial services firms before thinking of converging their ideas and expertise to form a company that would later be termed as the main financial services provider in Dallas, Texas. Among the founders of this company is James Dondero who serves as the head of the firm and is in charge of overseeing the entire operations. With the assistance of Mark Okada, the duo launched a firm that is now well known for providing some of the most competitive services in different financial dockets. Read more at


The Company Profile


For about twenty years, Highland Capital has been thriving on its ability to offer a refined process of investment policies. Moreover, the company blends leading risk management frameworks alongside robust platforms of research to secure their client’s resources. As such, Highland Capital Management has been able to set up low-risk investment portfolios for its clients. Other than that, there exists a rather transparent communication channel between portfolio managers and research professionals. That way, the company is always in a position to share major speculations on investment and the direction of the market with clients.


The Investment Process


In addition to the communication channels, Highland Capital Management boasts of time-tested investment platforms that are rooted to the firm’s ability to forecast mispricing via strong fundamental analysis, monitoring and evaluation alongside proactive diligence. Also, the firm’s investment team comprises of major industry focused research experts who boast of having up to eleven years experience in the industry. These professionals have been trusted to review existing investments, evaluating opportunities alongside monitoring trends and reporting to their clients. In the long run, Highland Capital Management is always bold about serving clients in the best ways possible.