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The Frontera Fund Is Fighting To Save DACA

As the GOP continues to descend into extremism regarding immigrant rights, valuable programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are becoming in danger of being rescinded. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently send a letter signed by nine other attorney generals, and one governor, all from red states, to the Trump administration asking the DACA be rescinded. The letter calls for the phasing off of the program in which new applications will not be considered and renewals will be refused.


The Hispanic Caucus has recently gathered to have a closed-door meeting with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly who informed them that legal cases are already challenging and putting into jeopardy the DACA program. This valuable program currently provides protection to over 800,000 individuals. John Kelly’s message has certainly set off an alarm for those who advocate for immigrant rights.


DACA is currently in its fifth year of implementation and the benefits that it has brought to the United States have been clear. Ninety-five percent of the recipients of DACA are involved in study, work or a combination of the two. These people contribute millions of dollars to the nations educational system and the economy through taxes and have massively improved their positions as a result of the valuable protections DACA offers. Many of these economics gains made by DACA recipients have been converted into the purchase of homes and cars as well as being used to start up new business ventures. The program’s successes are well documented in numerous studies.


In the wake of this valuable program being placed in jeopardy, the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund is stepping in to offer assistance. The Frontera Fund was established by the pair of freedom fighting journalists after the received a $3.75 million settlement in their case against Maricopa County Arizona after they were wrongfully imprisoned by disgraced former sheriff Joe Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of the Phoenix New Times and its parent company Village Voice Media and they have been fighting for the rights of immigrants and migrants since the 1970s as well as being constant crusaders for free speech rights. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established with the express intention of giving financial aid to the cause of immigrant and migrant rights across the state of Arizona and the United States as a whole.


DACA is a program that provides administrative relief from deportation. The program was established to protect people who came to the United States in an undocumented manner when they were still children from being deported. This amazing program gives undocumented immigrants protection from deportation. Recipients also receive a work permit. The program has to be renewed every two years.