Ray Emmons And His Amazing Company, Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is the winner when up against other brands of water. Water is amazing. It supports life, washes things and acts as a solvent. However, exposure to the wrong water can can a lot of problems down the road. The quality of a water is highly affected by where the water is harnessed from. In some places, the amount of naturally-occurring arsenic is relatively large. Places like this are not good to harness water from. Other places are near or on dumping sites, and have been polluted. There are places that are truly pure and clean. These types of places are ideal for bottling water.

The uncle of Ryan Emmons owned land that was pure. The water that flowed through it was tasty an clean. As he grew older, he came across the idea of selling the water in bottles. The year was 2012 when he started Waiakea, a brand of bottled water. The brand has been hugely successful because of a customer base that wants high quality water. People want the best for themselves because, nowadays, many water sources are no longer pure. Human activity has ruined many water sources. There are actually some water sources that have been naturally ruined by the composition surrounding soil. For example, some soils contain certain chemicals that are toxic to people and that build up in people’s bodies over time.

We are lucky to live in a day and age where everyone around the world can taste the water that comes through Mona Lua. Bottles of Waiakea Water are shipped all over the world to lucky individuals who want to take part in the gift that Mona Lua gives to the world. The modern trend of globalism has allowed this to happen. Natural wonders can be shipped all over the world for everyone to enjoy. This is a luxury that only kings had, at some point.