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Why Highland Capital Management is A Leading Alternative Investment Manager

Alternative investments have vastly begun to gain prominence in the past few years. Following that, investors have started taking different approaches towards this industry. For that reason, many companies have come forward with the intention of helping clients with portfolio diversification. Highland Capital Management is perhaps one of the best examples of firms that offer alternative investments. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.


The Foundation of Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management was formed by two major investment advisers who boast of having extensive knowledge in alternative investment. The two founders had previously worked in financial services firms before thinking of converging their ideas and expertise to form a company that would later be termed as the main financial services provider in Dallas, Texas. Among the founders of this company is James Dondero who serves as the head of the firm and is in charge of overseeing the entire operations. With the assistance of Mark Okada, the duo launched a firm that is now well known for providing some of the most competitive services in different financial dockets. Read more at


The Company Profile


For about twenty years, Highland Capital has been thriving on its ability to offer a refined process of investment policies. Moreover, the company blends leading risk management frameworks alongside robust platforms of research to secure their client’s resources. As such, Highland Capital Management has been able to set up low-risk investment portfolios for its clients. Other than that, there exists a rather transparent communication channel between portfolio managers and research professionals. That way, the company is always in a position to share major speculations on investment and the direction of the market with clients.


The Investment Process


In addition to the communication channels, Highland Capital Management boasts of time-tested investment platforms that are rooted to the firm’s ability to forecast mispricing via strong fundamental analysis, monitoring and evaluation alongside proactive diligence. Also, the firm’s investment team comprises of major industry focused research experts who boast of having up to eleven years experience in the industry. These professionals have been trusted to review existing investments, evaluating opportunities alongside monitoring trends and reporting to their clients. In the long run, Highland Capital Management is always bold about serving clients in the best ways possible.


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The Frontera Fund Is Fighting To Save DACA

As the GOP continues to descend into extremism regarding immigrant rights, valuable programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are becoming in danger of being rescinded. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently send a letter signed by nine other attorney generals, and one governor, all from red states, to the Trump administration asking the DACA be rescinded. The letter calls for the phasing off of the program in which new applications will not be considered and renewals will be refused.


The Hispanic Caucus has recently gathered to have a closed-door meeting with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly who informed them that legal cases are already challenging and putting into jeopardy the DACA program. This valuable program currently provides protection to over 800,000 individuals. John Kelly’s message has certainly set off an alarm for those who advocate for immigrant rights.


DACA is currently in its fifth year of implementation and the benefits that it has brought to the United States have been clear. Ninety-five percent of the recipients of DACA are involved in study, work or a combination of the two. These people contribute millions of dollars to the nations educational system and the economy through taxes and have massively improved their positions as a result of the valuable protections DACA offers. Many of these economics gains made by DACA recipients have been converted into the purchase of homes and cars as well as being used to start up new business ventures. The program’s successes are well documented in numerous studies.


In the wake of this valuable program being placed in jeopardy, the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund is stepping in to offer assistance. The Frontera Fund was established by the pair of freedom fighting journalists after the received a $3.75 million settlement in their case against Maricopa County Arizona after they were wrongfully imprisoned by disgraced former sheriff Joe Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of the Phoenix New Times and its parent company Village Voice Media and they have been fighting for the rights of immigrants and migrants since the 1970s as well as being constant crusaders for free speech rights. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established with the express intention of giving financial aid to the cause of immigrant and migrant rights across the state of Arizona and the United States as a whole.


DACA is a program that provides administrative relief from deportation. The program was established to protect people who came to the United States in an undocumented manner when they were still children from being deported. This amazing program gives undocumented immigrants protection from deportation. Recipients also receive a work permit. The program has to be renewed every two years.

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End Citizens United Lists Fundraising Objective For 2018

The races for the 2018 midterm seats appear to have tightened appear to have tightened according to some polls that have been released not long ago. The Republican base does appear to be more excited now about President Trump’s accomplishments, and some of the media’s talking points have not helped. But there is still much optimism for Democrat candidates looking to regain territory lost over the last 8 years, and End Citizens United is at work looking to keep everyone involved at the local level.

There are several races they are looking to get highly involved in which include Texas senator Ted Cruz’s seat, Paul Ryan’s seat though he’ll be retiring soon, Darryl Issa’s seat, and several others. They intend to up their fundraising goal from last year’s $25 million to $35 million this year to take these races. So far several races have already gone the Democrats’ ways such as the race earlier when Connor Lamb defeated Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania.

End Citizens United was founded after a Supreme Court decision made it possible for big corporations to give an unlimited amount of funds to candidates and thereby have a large amount of elections determined by buying them. They are still fighting the ruling today and hope with their voter initiatives that they can inspire lawmakers to appeal to the courts and have it overturned. But since they are not partnered with any big corporations, they rely on small donations from individuals and the candidates they support are those who are considered to be champions of the people. Even more so, End Citizens United works to make sure false information about their candidates or important non-profit groups is not spread or put out without being corrected.

Some key candidates End Citizens United has supported include Senator Elizabeth Warren, 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and current Texas Senate seat challenger Beta O’Rourke. They’ve been a part of several town hall events and support issues such as gun control laws, supporting Planned Parenthood doing away with right-to-work laws and promoting diversity on college campuses. You can find out more about the organization by going to their website or visiting their Facebook page.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

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Ara Chackerian Sees Healthcare Innovators Stepping Up

In the healthcare field, many new technologies have been happening in recent years. For Ara Chackerian, this field is on the verge of exploding. He sees the future of robotics and artificial intelligence as the way the industry is moving. There have been many new upstart companies coming out on the market and they have a lot of financial backing with them. These new companies are what is fueling this coming explosion. The market trend for medical technology has been continually growing over the last twenty years and has made a lot of progress in the field. Mr. Chackerian believes that this trend will only continue over the next few years and will culminate with many advances. Many people are not willing to invest in such startup companies but Ara has managed to show them that with each of these new technologies, the governmental regulations are becoming more receptive to them and they are then able to move them into the mainstream of the medical industry. Check out



Ara co-founded TMS Health Solutions many years ago with a partner. Since that time he has worked with many of the new companies coming out with new healthcare products. He has been an entrepreneur for many years and has had several different companies. He invests much of his own money into new inventions in healthcare and has seen many of these investments pay off well. Ara Chackerian strongly believes that his success is based upon what he has gained from his community and he works with many organizations to help those less fortunate than himself. His daily schedule is based upon what needs to be done at the moment and what is most important. He manages to stay fit by surfing and hiking. He is able to clear his mind when doing either of these activities and that helps him to better see what he needs to do. You can visit their website


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Why Barbara Stokes Makes Sure She Does the Best Job With Green Structure Homes

The Green Structure Homes company works with disaster victims by trying to help them get into homes designed to be permanent solutions. They know there are things they can do to help other people with the issues they face and that’s something that makes sense for people like Barbara Stokes. She always wanted to continue helping others and continue showing them that things would get better as long as they had someone to do things the right way for all their needs. It’s her goal to keep giving everyone positive experiences and keep making things easier for them to do everything right. While Barbara Stokes knew there were things she’d have to do to help people, she also knew everything would get better for the victims of major disasters. There are things they can get from Green Structure Homes that they can’t get from any other company in the world. Barbara Stokes makes sure her company is the best. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

While there are many reasons she does the work she does, Barbara Stokes focuses on her job as the CEO. Since she is the CEO, she knows how to help more people and give them positive experiences. The opportunities she helps people take advantage of are important and allow her to continue showing more people they can experience better options as a result of the work they put into things. It’s her goal of helping that gives her the chance to keep showing everyone what they need. Read this article at

The Green Structure Homes are better than most. In fact, the company does the best job possible by making sure they can continue helping others. They’ve always wanted to give back and they aren’t afraid of putting in extra work to get where they’re going. Barbara Stokes likes to continue showing people how they can make a positive difference for everyone in the industry.

After Barbara Stokes spent time learning about how to help disaster victims with their homes, she learned there was more she could do as a CEO of a home company. It continues helping her see there are things that will get better.


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Appreciating Robert Ivy’s Contribution in Architecture

The year 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Robert Ivy. The Noel Polk Award chose Robert because of the extraordinary work he has done throughout his career. He has been a creator, performer and a supporter of art. Robert is the first architect to be honored with this award. Other personalities also recognize the contribution Robert has made in Mississippi.

Robert Ivy may have achieved a lot in his career, but he is still pursuing more. Specifically, Robert’s focus is on AIA. He is the CEO of American Institute of Architects. Since he took this position, the organization has made significant strides forward. AIA is an institute of architects who have come together to support each other in this profession. The organization has lobbied for better working terms, and more for all architectures.

Before his position at AIA, Robert was an editor at Architectural Record. He spent a considerable time before moving on. Robert did not stop his editing work even after leaving the organization. He is still an editor at McGraw Hill. While he edits, Robert is still the vice president. His numerous roles exhibit Robert’s abilities and skills of serving in many areas successfully.

Other previous records include Robert’s time at Dean/Dale. He was the managing partner at this architectural firm. Colleagues recognized him as a primary architect and appreciated contribution to the firm. Working at Dean/Dale was a significant opportunity for Robert. He attained most of his professional skills and experience at this firm. It is a fundamental pillar that made him the person he is today. After doing his role at this firm, Robert realized it was time to move on and seek other opportunities.

Apart from the Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert has received other awards before. In 2009, he was recognized for his volition spirit. Robert had been doing a teaching and mentorship program. He believes that other upcoming professionals need guidance and assistance to thrive. This attitude impressed Alpha Ro Chi and honored him as the master of the architect.

Robert Ivy appreciates that he has not come this far alone. Through the support of other partners and colleagues, he has achieved a lot and will continue. Working at AIA has shown this virtue significantly. Robert and the organization work closely with other personalities to meet the organization’s goals. Some of these people are within the organization while others are external. Robert Ivy’s success is an indication that career journeys can never be a solitary affair.

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Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that deals with investment management. It helps companies and other business agencies to manage alternative resources such as in credit funds, private equity, and liquid hedge funds. It was founded in January 1998, and since then its operations have spread throughout the United States. Fortress Investment Group manages assets of more than 1500 private and institutional clients all over the world. Its founders are Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal A. Nardone. Fortress Investment Group places performance as its cornerstone. The company ensures that it helps its customers to make huge profits from their investments.Fortress is headquartered in New York City and has several affiliate centers throughout the globe. They also extend their businesses to owning, pricing, overseeing and funding the managerial operations of financial and physical resources in various industries such as capital assets, real estate, and financial assets.The company has developed devices that help it in assessing operational challenges.

The tools are also used in evaluating strategical and structural setbacks. They help the firm to come up with valuable investment methods in complex investments. Fortress has a long-earned experience and expertise in acquisitions corporate mergers that allow it to interact well with various management and boards of directors when mapping ways to come up with investment strategies.Fortress is an excellent firm that has a leadership body that is committed to providing outstanding governance, practices, and policies. The management ensures that all firm undertakings are taken with expertise and coordination. Its management comprises of Randal Nardone who is a principal and a co-founder of the company, Wesley R. Edens who serves as a co-Chief Executive Officer, a co-founder and a principal, and Peter L. Briger Junior who works as a co-Chief Executive Officer and a principal of Fortress. Mr. Briger lives in San Francisco while the other two seniors live in the New York City.The company has stout knowledge and understanding of the areas, industries and periods in which it puts its investments in place.

It has grown a team of experts in investments that it uses to clinch fruitful relationships with big firms and private investors all over the world. It has achieved this team of stuff through its exercise and operations when executing its investment portfolios.Fortress boasts of its credit team that was started in the year 2002 by Peter Briger. The credit team has close to 500 staff members who have diversified professionalism. The Fortress Credit Team is always focused on taking investments everywhere in the world particularly in the assets that are underrated and distressed. The company has an extraordinary zeal to penetrate the credit market.Fortress is a type of a company that achieves enormous returns from investments that were considered to be having less value in the community. They utilize every opportunity to create unmatched investment programs that lead to significant improvement of people’s lives.Fortress offices are located in various cities and big towns that include Tokyo, Dallas, Hong Kong, Atlanta, London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Rome, and San Francisco.

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InnovaCare’s Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Have Years of Experience Helping People With Affordable Health Plans:

InnovaCare, Inc. is a top healthcare related organization. The company is a healthcare related organization that combines quality healthcare with innovation. The company’s aim is to offer value-based healthcare for complex patient groups. At the top of the company are its two inspirational leaders, CEO Rick Shinto and COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinides. President and CEO Rick Shinto has more than 20 years experience in clinical and operational healthcare. Rick’s career in the medical industry began as a pulmonologist and internist in southern California. Prior to his current role at InnovaCare, Rick was CEO of Aveta from 2008 to 2012. COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinides was COO at Aveta prior to coming to InnovaCare. Penelope has a 20 plus year career in the healthcare industry and specializes in the implementation of government health programs.


Penelope talked about her career recently in an interview with Ideamensch. Topics included what makes her a successful entrepreneur and how she organizes her life for success. She also gave some valuable tips for anyone wanting to get into business. On the question of what a typical day looks like for her Penelope replied, “no day in my life looks exactly the same. Every day is different, which I generally enjoy, as it keeps me on my toes.” Penelope feels that her habit of intently thinking about her coming day the night before and what work she needs to get done has been important for keeping her productive. Her top tip for aspiring entrepreneurs is to make sure and be informed about what is going on in your industry. Do your research, read the articles, books and other resources that are out there regarding your line of work. She also emphasizes that you have to know when to adopt a new strategy.


InnovaCare is raising the bar on giving its customers value by partnering with Health & Human Services to launch a new Medicare payment initiative. Patients will benefit from this initiative revolutionary payment model that puts an emphasis on quality of service. The benefit to patients will also be complemented by a benefit in efficiency in the care given.

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The Civic-Minded Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion

Heinous criminals’ faces grace the forefront of news blocks broadcasted on television sets across the nation, social media, and digital newspapers far too often for any reasonable American’s tastes. Even though such constant streams of negative news may encourage some people to feel that the world is down in the proverbial dumps, those news media circles don’t covr the kind-hearted, civic-minded people across the globe like Bob Reina of Talk Fusion.

Mr. Bob Reina is the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, a company that was founded in North Carolina in 2004 that currently offers email marketing and video conferencing services. Talk Fusion has strived to provide new products and services to its many customers to stay ahead of the many competitors in its market, a key competitive advantage that was formulated by the brilliant business mind of none other than Bob Reina.

Every single morning, Mr. Reina imagines the following two words in the forefront of his mind: “I will.”

Reina, according to an interview he gave not too long ago to the journalistic professionals at Affiliate Dork, believes that the phrase can be used in just about every context in the English language. Further, saying the opposite of Mr. Bob Reina’s favorite phrase – something along the lines of “I can’t” – is an easy scapegoat to keep from engaging in activities and adopting behaviors that can help people make more of their time here on planet Earth.

Mr. Bob Reina also lives by a few other trains of thought that ultimately results in a major source of constant reward across every day he practices them.

Reina likes to give back

Although he chooses not to take an exorbitant salary like far too many modern lead executives in the world of corporate America, Reina still consistently gives away a hefty portion of his annual earnings to good causes.  Learn more:

Intertwining business and charity

According to Mr. Bob Reina, if the line of business he works in can’t practically fit into the proverbial puzzle of charity, there’s no sense in working in that capacity. Being able to give to others as an inherent part of one’s work is highly rewarding, says Reina.

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Two Shervin Pishevar Predictions that May be Right

According to this article in Business Insider by Becky Peterson, Shervin Pishevar is an early Uber investor and is the founder of Sherpa Capital. Pishevar had been out of the spotlight for several months after stepping down from his position at Sherpa Capital amide sexual misconduct allegations.

He broke into the spotlight in dramatic fashion, however, when he went on a 21-hour long rant on Twitter. The rant covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from predicting a crash in the market to the fate of Silicon Valley. While there were some predictions that seemed perhaps impossible to predict with absolute certainty, there were some that seemed plausible. Below is a list of some predictions that fit in the plausible category.

Less Friction= More Efficient Execution

Shervin Pishevar showed how China is able to do more with less friction. As an example of this, Pishevar linked to a post showing how a Chinese construction team was able to build a train station within 9 hours. Pishevar then compared this efficiency to the US, which he described as being in decay. He also described the US government and companies as being trapped in short term thinking.

Pishevar may be on to something in this prediction. China has risen in the past decades as a huge player in the financial world. China is an expanding super power, and as such they pose real competition to the US. If the US comes to a grinding halt due to the lack of execution of projects, it could have a real problem on its hands.

Modern Monopolies

In Shervin Pishevar’s mind, there are 5 modern monopolies that wield far too much power. These businesses, according to Pishevar, are Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Pishevar beleives that these companies hold enormous power and stifle smaller start up businesses. He holds that the US government has allowed these monopolies to rise.

In light of all that has happened with data issues and privacy rights, Shervin Pishevar’s ideas may not be that far off. These five companies do hold enormous power and tend to dominate the tech industry. Only time will tell what happens to these five companies.