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OSI Group: Building an International Presence

The OSI Group is one of the leading companies in the United States today. The OSI Group focuses on manufacturing high-quality protein products, and they have been in the market for nearly one hundred years. An immigrant established the OSI Group from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky, and he chose to build his business outside the city of Chicago were many German-descent immigrants live. He offered his products to the public, and due to the high-quality nature of his meat, people started to share OSI Group business to their friends and family, eventually boosting his sales and making the business one of the most preferred meat shops in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Because of the success of his business, Otto Kolschowsky decided to build a second meat shop, which he placed on the opposite side of Chicago. This meat shop also thrived, and in 1928, he officially registered the business as Otto & Sons. The company had a consistent growth during their first decades, and everything started to change when the McDonald’s Corporation chose them as one of their official partners. The fast-food restaurant requested Otto & Sons to manufacture beef patties for them. Otto Kolschowsky started to produce high-quality beef products and sent it to McDonald’s Corporation. Their business partner, on the other hand, started to get serious in the food business. The number of restaurants under the McDonald’s brand skyrocketed, and the demand for beef patties soared.

Otto Kolschowsky managed to find a solution to his problem by teaming up with financial companies where he could get additional capital. As McDonald’s Corporation began to go international, they decided to cut their ties with some of their business partners. The innovation in the food preservation system also made it possible for the corporation to keep their beef patties fresh for a long time. Otto & Sons thought that their terms with the McDonald’s Corporation would soon be terminated, but they were surprised when the fast food giant stated that they wanted them to stay.

Today, Otto & Sons are more popularly referred to as the OSI Group, and their success continues up to this day.

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