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End Citizens United Lists Fundraising Objective For 2018

The races for the 2018 midterm seats appear to have tightened appear to have tightened according to some polls that have been released not long ago. The Republican base does appear to be more excited now about President Trump’s accomplishments, and some of the media’s talking points have not helped. But there is still much optimism for Democrat candidates looking to regain territory lost over the last 8 years, and End Citizens United is at work looking to keep everyone involved at the local level.

There are several races they are looking to get highly involved in which include Texas senator Ted Cruz’s seat, Paul Ryan’s seat though he’ll be retiring soon, Darryl Issa’s seat, and several others. They intend to up their fundraising goal from last year’s $25 million to $35 million this year to take these races. So far several races have already gone the Democrats’ ways such as the race earlier when Connor Lamb defeated Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania.

End Citizens United was founded after a Supreme Court decision made it possible for big corporations to give an unlimited amount of funds to candidates and thereby have a large amount of elections determined by buying them. They are still fighting the ruling today and hope with their voter initiatives that they can inspire lawmakers to appeal to the courts and have it overturned. But since they are not partnered with any big corporations, they rely on small donations from individuals and the candidates they support are those who are considered to be champions of the people. Even more so, End Citizens United works to make sure false information about their candidates or important non-profit groups is not spread or put out without being corrected.

Some key candidates End Citizens United has supported include Senator Elizabeth Warren, 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and current Texas Senate seat challenger Beta O’Rourke. They’ve been a part of several town hall events and support issues such as gun control laws, supporting Planned Parenthood doing away with right-to-work laws and promoting diversity on college campuses. You can find out more about the organization by going to their website or visiting their Facebook page.

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