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What Types of Gold Bars Does US Money Reserve Have?

You never know what will happen in this crazy world. An NHL player was ejected for slashing an official. A fire truck fell into a sink hole in California. You might buy some peace of mind with a few US Money Reserve gold bars.


“Why do wealthy people own gold bars?”


How do you build up your savings? For some, they will take the change in their pockets and toss it into a coin jar. Then, when they get a chance, they will purchase a few gold or silver coins. What does this do?


With pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, you might have quite a variation in dates and metal content. Older coins might have valuable copper or silver in them. American gold coins have not been in circulation since the Saint-Gaudens 1933 Double Eagle (and some claim most of those were never put in official circulation).


When you exchange all of your change for a few valuable silver or gold coins, you concentrate the value. You can get an even more well-concentrated asset value with a gold bar. The wealthiest 1% own gold bars.


“Gold Coins Versus Gold Bars”


The 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle kind of proves what happens to valuable gold coins, in circulation. They are usually grabbed up quickly, just like a much-anticipated corporate IPO.


The Secret Service even got involved with finding some rare 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles. If they are involved, you know that this coin is quite valuable.


“US Money Reserve Gold Bars”


The US Money Reserve website is very easy to navigate. It caters to a more general public visitor, who wants to protect his wealth. You can have a Live Chat and ask about the gold bars or simply visit the gold page (then click on the bars displayed near the bottom.)


The US Money Reserve has a 1 oz Perth Gold Bar, 10 oz Perth Gold Bar and 1 Kilo (32.5 oz) Gold Bar. Asians prefer the Kilo Gold Bars. If you want a more concentrated form of precious metals wealth, then US Money Reserve has you covered.

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