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Brian Bonar Wants to Show The World That San Diego Is A Restaurant Mecca

The San Diego Zoo and Sea World have been the major attractions in San Diego for years. The sleepy Southern California city is more like a Mexican resort than a California metropolis. San Diego is known for sun, surf and the hippies that still wander the streets of Old Town looking for a place to chill and be 1970s-ish cool. The southern neighbor of high-strung Los Angeles has never been known for fine dining.

There are more authentic Mexican restaurants in San Diego than any other food establishments. Los Angeles has always acted like the big brother that keeps a watchful eye on its sibling, but never gives it a chance to shine on its own. But Brain Bonar, the financial entrepreneur, and investor has made it his mission to change the San Diego dining scene and he is doing it in the quiet town of Escondido.

Escondido is not a high-profile restaurant haven. The thought of a French bistro opening in Escondido was more a dream than a reality before Brian Bonar decided to do just that. Bonar left his financial institutional roots behind, and he opened his checkbook and Bellamy’s an authentic French Bistro was born.

A French Bistro wouldn’t be very French without a Master French Chef, so Bonar enticed Patrick Ponsaty away from Rancho Bernardo, and a bistro was born in Escondido. The birth of Bellamy’s wasn’t that simple, however. The ambiance and the tone of the bistro had to fit into the Escondido personality, and that’s where Brain Bonar showed his true colors. Bellamy’s is an incredible mixture of Southern French charm blended with Southern California chic.

Brian Bonar knows a lot about Southern California and what makes people spend money. Bonar has been helping financial institutions stay profitable by offering them human resource and payroll services through his company Trucept Inc.

Trucept was created to cut operational costs so financial institutions could focus on making money. Brian Bonar has done an excellent job creating a niche for himself in the financial world (read more at, and he wants to expand his expertise by jumping into the restaurant business in a unique way.

Dalrada report confirms that Brian Bonar is a Scottish-born entrepreneur that has the will to continue to succeed and the knowledge to make that happen. His choice in a chef for Bellamy’s is a good example of how Bonar thinks. Mr. Bonar wants the best and Bellamy’s in nothing short of the best.

Bellamy’s is just the beginning for Brian Bonar according to Equilar. Bonar purchased a 144-acre piece of property in Bandy Canyon, and he plans to build a four-star event space with other restaurants and entertainment venues. If the rest of this new development is like Bellamy’s, San Diego will no longer be an afterthought for dining and entertainment.

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Brian Bonar and Patrick Ponsaty Transform Escondido into a Hot Spot of Fine Cuisine

Acclaimed chef and Frenchman Patrick Ponsaty has adopted the hillsides of Escondido as his new home. Originally from the city of Toulouse in the Midi-PyrŽnŽes region of France, he now finds himself working to transform The Ranch at Bandy Canyon into a French dining destination. The Ranch is a 144-acre event space in the heart of the San Pasqual Valley where the chef is catering on behalf of his downtown Escondido restaurant, Bellamy’s.

Bellamy’s atmosphere can be compared to that of chef Thomas Keller, and his acclaimed Napa Valley Restaurant. The 1880s adobe structure of the property has been transformed into a destination for exquisite food, a home for Ponsaty’s collection of Armagnac and a menu of Ponsaty’s excellent cooking. The restaurant earned him the title of Meilleurs Ouvreir de France in 2012.

In his Facebook page, Brian Bonar has a long-term vision of what will become of The Ranch, but his vision of Bellamy’s is already well under way. Although the dining room is dated and in need of renovations, the menu for the establishment is already exquisite. Offerings include extravagant dishes such as quenelle of magenta-hued SuzieÕs Farm beet sorbet with watercress and goat cheese, local mushrooms and sea scallops in a truffle-scented carpaccio, and bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels.

Formerly, Ponsaty worked as executive chef at El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. After a successful Tutelage of prodigy Gavin Kaysen during this time, he moved on to other ventures such as La Bastide, Bernard’O, Mistral at Loews Coronado Bay Resort, and MOF. Since arriving at Bellamy’s and The Ranch, Ponsaty has finally gained well-deserved recognition as well as a sense of freedom that he has not had before.

Brian Bonar is the owner of The Ranch at Bandy Canyon and Bellamy’s, and has allowed Ponsaty to collaborate in all aspects of the two businesses as well as a downtown pizza restaurant, The Italian Next Door By Bellamy’s. Bonar had been a fan of Ponsaty’s since his time at El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn, and happily roped him in to sit at the helm of Bellamy’s. The restaurant has since transformed into a surprising center of innovative French cuisine and is becoming the go-to spot for San Diegans – read more here:

Brian Bonar himself is originally from Scotland and has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and businessman around the world. Beginning his long and impressive career as a procurement manager at IBM, his most recent position was as the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, an insurance services and temporary staffing company. Bonar also holds a PhD in International Business Development Studies. As the owner of The Ranch at Bandy Canyon and Bellamy’s, Bonar’s collaborations with Ponsaty is transforming Escondido and Bandy Canyon into an impressive destination of fine cuisine.