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Newswatch TV, changing the concept of TV and why the won three of the most coveted awards

Newswatch TV was the recent recipient for the coveted Platinum and Gold Marcom awards. The company received what are considered the most prestigious awards in television programming as an honor to their exceptional thirty minutes video productions. Their videos are often reviews of recent consumer products, technology and even at times companies which go a long way in helping users of such products and services opt for the best quality.

As if not honored enough, Newswatch TV went ahead to make other nominees green with jealous by clinching the esteemed 2017 videographer award of excellence from the Association of marketing and communication professionals. It is important to note that, the three awards are often the hardest to win due to increased competition, but Newswatch TV managed to bag all three.

However, that does not come as a surprise, because every video production from Newswatch TV is often of the highest quality and provides useful info to the public. For instance, in one of their recent videos, Newswatch reviews intelligent wireless (IWN) a company dedicated to providing the luxury of WI-FI connectivity to the rural areas where most users are unable to access it.

This makes it possible for farmers in rural errors to get access to information that will help them take their farming a notch higher. Besides farmers, IWN benefits students in these areas as they get access to academic-related info and also is beneficial to all other peeps in such areas as they get to keep up with what is happening in the world.

About Newswatch TV

Established in 1990 as a program aimed at highlighting issues affecting or that are related to the finance arena, Newswatch TV is a program focused on the provision of news from different segments such as celebrity, app, entertainment, electronic and also latest technology news. The show has hosted various celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Carrie Underwood, Paul Sorvino and a string of many others. The videos are often hosted by Newswatch TV show hosts such as Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, and Andrew Tropeano. It also acts as a platform where businesses can market and promote their companies.