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OSI Group: Building an International Presence

The OSI Group is one of the leading companies in the United States today. The OSI Group focuses on manufacturing high-quality protein products, and they have been in the market for nearly one hundred years. An immigrant established the OSI Group from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky, and he chose to build his business outside the city of Chicago were many German-descent immigrants live. He offered his products to the public, and due to the high-quality nature of his meat, people started to share OSI Group business to their friends and family, eventually boosting his sales and making the business one of the most preferred meat shops in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Because of the success of his business, Otto Kolschowsky decided to build a second meat shop, which he placed on the opposite side of Chicago. This meat shop also thrived, and in 1928, he officially registered the business as Otto & Sons. The company had a consistent growth during their first decades, and everything started to change when the McDonald’s Corporation chose them as one of their official partners. The fast-food restaurant requested Otto & Sons to manufacture beef patties for them. Otto Kolschowsky started to produce high-quality beef products and sent it to McDonald’s Corporation. Their business partner, on the other hand, started to get serious in the food business. The number of restaurants under the McDonald’s brand skyrocketed, and the demand for beef patties soared.

Otto Kolschowsky managed to find a solution to his problem by teaming up with financial companies where he could get additional capital. As McDonald’s Corporation began to go international, they decided to cut their ties with some of their business partners. The innovation in the food preservation system also made it possible for the corporation to keep their beef patties fresh for a long time. Otto & Sons thought that their terms with the McDonald’s Corporation would soon be terminated, but they were surprised when the fast food giant stated that they wanted them to stay.

Today, Otto & Sons are more popularly referred to as the OSI Group, and their success continues up to this day.

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Sheldon Lavin is One Man That is Going Straight to The Top of The Business World

Sheldon Lavin currently sits as being the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI Group, LLC. He has through the years been able to maintain a very high profile in the food processing and the meat processing industry. Along with all his other achievements he is also able to sit as being the President of OSI International Foods Ltd, where he does an amazing job at staying very involved in a lot of the company’s operations.

Since 1970 Lavin has been able to be very involved in most of the financing for Otto & Sons and continues to build a vast amount of knowledge in the industry. OSI Group was able to go from having once been a domestic food processing company all the way to being an international industry leader all with the help of Lavin’s leadership and visions. The company now is located in 60 different countries with a total of more than 60 locations.

Under the careful watch of Lavin, the company has been able to receive tons of sustainability and environmental awards throughout the years. This is one thing that he really hopes that the next generation of leaders will continue on to take as a top priority to. Lavin hopes that he will be able to inspire the next leaders that come along so that they can learn to dedicate themselves to learning to grow and to continue the growth of the company for many generations to come.

On February 20, 2016, Lavin was proudly awarded by India’s Vision World Academy the Global Visionary Award. While receiving this award he said that he was very humbled and honored to have been awarded such an award. He has through his career been extremely committed to the welfare of the company and to the welfare of all of the company’s employees. Sheldon Lavin’ss proudest achievement to this date however still remains the three children that he and his wife were both able to raise together through the years. Aside from all of Lavin’s other priorities he always makes sure that he finds the time so that he can continue to be very involved in many charitable causes such as the Ronald McDonald House. He always makes sure that he finds the time within his busy schedule for the things that is the most important to him and this is something that he plans on continuing for as long as he can.

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OSI Group: 100 Years of Food Service Excellence

To simply state it, OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, is the best custom food supplier in the world and there are hundreds of other businesses that will attest to it. This company outperforms all others in this demanding industry as it has a resume of success. Founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowski, this company has gone from a small meat market to a substantially large corporation. The company handles a wide variety of tasks such as processing, management, sourcing and development. It would be extremely hard trying to find another similar company with this much clout, but OSI makes it look easy.

By partnering with the world’s leading food retailor brands and food services, the company can delight people with the tastiest of foods that are popular around the world. Lets take a look at some of the exceptional benefits below.

• Supply Chain Expertise
• Astounding Culinary Skill
• Precise Specifications of Food Solutions
• Global Flavor Knowledge
• Ethic & Integrity
• And many more qualities

Real-world knowledge of distinct foods is a specialization of the company. The staff is well-trained in this arena and the company’s experts will work directly with the clients. In other words, clients are present throughout the development process, and they are fully-updated throughout the entire timeframe. OSI Groups leaves every other custom food provider in the dust. Some of its food products are meatloaf, ribettes, pot roast, cheese, chicken nuggets, chicken fried steak, chicken wings, turkey products, seafood products, cooked sausage links, tofu, soups, chili, onions, cucumbers, hamburgers and numerous others. They’re so dedicated in improving services and last year was no different as OSI acquired Tyson Foods for $7.4 million. This is one of the actual Tyson Foods plants in the area. This helps with strengthening the business as well as strengthening the company’s infrastructure.

This is business 101 at its finest and nobody else does it any better in this industry. OSI Group is the custom food supplier of the present as well as for the future.

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David McDonald, Stewarding OSI Group’s Success through Outstanding Innovations

David McDonald is a name that commands respect when mentioned with regards to OSI Group. He doubles up as the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company. Before being raised up the rank, he was initially a Project Manager. David is an Alumnus of Iowa State University and holds a degree in Animal Science. Other than his position in the company, he is also part its board of directors and serving as the lead director of one of the company’s Australian-based arm, OSI International Foods Pty Limited.

Before his service at the OSI Group, Mr. McDonald was and is still an active part of North American Meat Institute where he is the chairman. To add on that, David has served at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an Independent director as from 2008 just as the company took over OSI Group’s European and Brazilian operations.

David McDonald has played a significant role in elevating the opulence of OSI Group. In his previous remarks, David attributes the company’s broad client base to its pleasant setting. He says that OSI has crossed boundaries to have not only connections but also offices globally. The fact that local management teams manage these dispersed offices means that the productivity at the local level is increased. He mentions that local problems can only be countered by local solutions.

OSI is now at the peak of being among the world’s top food-processing companies. Through his leadership, McDonald has been able to persuade the company’s equipment manufactures to embrace processes that are food poisoning-free. He says that their customer’s health and well being is of great priority to the company. Clients are regularly contacted so that their needs could be addressed, and this consequently adds value to the final products. David is positive about OSI’s gradual growth which he has witnessed over his years of service.

It is during his tenure that the company realized the acquisition of Dutch-based Baho Food, a food manufacturer. McDonald comments on this saying that through this step taken by the company, they now have a better stand in terms of the company’s European recognition. He adds that the compatibility of both Baho and OSI’s products is a bonus to better service providing. Baho’s managing director affirms this partnership and shows his company’s willingness to be part of that deal.

David McDonald has till date worked hard to ensure that the company’s sustainability is at par with the market. He has seen to it that the company gets worthwhile changes through his outstanding transformations. With his leadership in place, OSI enjoys an excellent success story.

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