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Paul Mampilly career in the financial sector

Many Americans are looking for investment opportunities. With many people looking for financial freedom, it is becoming increasingly important for people to look for investment opportunities which can reward them after some time. Stock investments are some of the best ways of investing. In fact, it is considered a better form of investment than placing money in fixed bank accounts to accrue interest. The interest is too little to make any valuable profit. Stock markets give the people a chance to invest and make unlimited gains. It is possible to multiply an investment a number of times by investing in stocks in a short time. Follow Paul Mampilly on

Stock investments, however, need the investor to make the right decision. The decision to invest in a certain company needs to be made after looking into the short term and long term possibilities of gain. There is need to focus on the performance of the economy in order to boost the industry. There is so much that is involved in investments that the naïve investor may not be aware of. For the best approach to investment, one needs to follow the advice of people who have been in the industry long enough to know what needs to be factored before investing.


One of the people who can be relied upon to make the right investment decision is Paul Mampilly. Paul has been in the industry for a long time to know what it takes to make the right investment decision. He has spent two decades in the Wall Street and has proved that he is the best trader in the Wall Street. Paul Mampilly won an award that had brought together all the best traders in Wall Street. The Templeton Foundation Award had been organized at a time when the world was going through the financial crisis of the last decade.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street because he was tired of making money for a small percentage of Americans. He wanted to join the Main Street and help millions of people who are trying to make the right investment. Paul Mampilly is helping them make the right decisions by ensuring that they have the right information with them in order to invest in the right companies. Paul Mampilly is the author of “Profit Unlimited” newsletter. This is a newsletter that is growing rapidly in the United States. It is being used to make the people make the right investment decisions by offering recommendations on the appealing companies. Follow Paul on Medium.