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The Technological Services Provided By Securus Technologies Have Helped Jail Facilities In Revolution

The acts of crime are always inevitable in jails and in our society. These crimes are committed by individuals as a result of various varied reasons. There are people who are extremely disturbed and would sometimes be tempted to do actions in crime even when in jail. This is why the Securus Technologies was established as an organization that would help in reducing crime activities in our jails. We use technology to improve our jails by improvising technological advancements in our jails to help administration undertake control of the jails through monitoring every individual.

Our services have been greatly appreciated through the USA. We usually receive customer comments applausing our services on how our civil and criminal justice technology solutions have helped many facilities in ensuring public safety, executing correctional measures set in place, performing comprehensive investigations and monitoring services. Most of the comments confirm that our technology has greatly helped in detecting and preventing crime between the inmates in many jails in the country. Sir Richard A Smith who is the CEO and the chairman of Securus Technologies revealed that they make an effort to come with new product that helps law enforcers and correctional facilities prevent and solve problems within the jails.

The firm is commuted to ensure that the society is safe and that is their main objective. We have been receiving many letters on the comments from jail officials and here are just a few of the comments that we have sampled. One comment revealed how the technology assisted in discovering one of the member staff had been performing illegal activities within the jail using the phone tapping technology and as a result, he was arrested and charged as the technology  had helped them gather adequate evidence.

Another comment reported that for over ten years, the have been using the Securus Technology to revolutionize their incarceration environment through improving public safety trough ensuring that justice prevails within the facilities and in jurisdiction. Another comment revealed that the LBS services from the Securus Technogy was enough for them to continue using their services in the future as in conjunction with the Investigator Pro, they were able to have the best phone services in the facility and they termed Securus as the number one company in providing quality phone services.


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Securus Technologies Helping Officers Solve Crimes

When it comes to solving crimes, me and my fellow officers on the fugitive task force have to work very hard to prevent crimes before innocent people are effected. This month we were handed a case file where a suspect was able to get out on bail and go on a rampage towards the families that he thought had turned him in. The suspect showed up at the house of people he thought were informants, and he beat them all within inches of their lives.


With a fugitive like this on the loose, me and my fellow officers have to work quickly to locate and arrest the suspect, but this was already appearing to be a challenge. We feared that the combination of close family not talking and people genuinely afraid for their lives would keep anyone helping us take this suspect off the streets. It was time to take our efforts to the one place where you can get people talking about crimes openly without concerns.


We knew that Securus Technologies was responsible for the call monitoring system the corrections officers in that prison were using to monitor calls by inmates, so we decided to see if we could get them to talk. The company is based out of Dallas, and all thousand employees are working towards one objective, making the world a little safer for us all. That was what we were hoping we could do by setting up the LBS software to listen for chatter in our suspect.


Just our presence in the jail got the inmates excited, but one inmate in particular could not help but hit the phone and try to reach his family about warning the suspect we were asking around. This was a lead we needed, so we sent a team there to see if we could connect the dots.

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How the Securus Technologies Phone System Keeps Our Jail Safe

The dangers of working in a jail are numerous, and every second inside the jail is just another opportunity for the inmates to hurt one another or the officers. Trying to combat the daily threat of violence is not something many people can do day after day or year after year, you really need to love your job or you could be in the line of fire in the blink of eye.


One of the ways that we combat the violence is trying to keep weapons and drugs out of the hands of the inmates. To do this, we start at the visitor center and we carefully check each and every person who wants to come in contact with the inmates. Even with warnings of arrest all over the jails, many people will push the envelope to try and get the things they are told to bring to the jail into the hands of the inmates. This can make it very challenging to slow down the flow of contraband.


Even when surprise inspections of the cells do not yield results, we have a resource that is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to control the flow of drugs and weapons to our jail. Securus Technologies installed an inmate call system in our jail, and it makes monitoring the calls easier. The inmates are used to us already listening in on their calls, but now we have software that helps us to detect chatter we would have otherwise missed.


The LBS software can alert officers to chatter between inmates and their friends or family that describe acquiring drugs and weapons in secret. Already this year, we have stopped visitors we would have never caught otherwise coming to the jail with contraband. Securus Technologies has been instrumental in keeping violence to a minimum in our jail.


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I Planned A Visit With My Dad For The Holidays Using Securus

I have visited with my father over Securus several times, and I quite proud of the communication we have maintained all this time. He is a good man who needs our help, and I believe it is possible for us to keep our relationship going for years using Securus. This article explains how we have planned our dinners together, and I spoke to my father for the holidays this season.


#1: Securus Is Simple


I use the Securus article several times a month, and we speak on a video call with the phone attached. I see my dad on the phone with me while we talk, and he is in the jail where he has people checking on him as he talks. I appreciate the calls we have together, and go on for some time learning about our times that week. I can hear him clearly on every call. I appreciate the strength of each call, and we have lovely talks that we would not have had at any other time.


#2: Who Uses Securus?


Everyone may use Securus at any time, and we are all using Securus to speak to my dad. He and I have our own schedule, and we have kept it up for many years. We may see each other into forcing me to drive to the jail, and I have brought my friends around to say hello in the past. We all have access to my dad, and I believe it strengthens him to talk to us.


#3: We Recommend Securus Often


We have recommended Securus to several different families over the years, and we person we meet has their own story to tell about speaking to family in jail. We tell them Securus is the best place to come because we want them to have access to the people they love. I want to know that our family members are safe, and I have met people who are desperate to meet their loved ones on a video call, and I hope everyone is as happy as we are.


Our family uses Securus often because we cannot get out to the jail enough to see my dad. We speak to him often to ensure his mental health, and I want our family to keep up with him as much as possible. We do so over simple video calls that give him the connection he needs this holiday season.


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Common Sense Approach Pays Off For Securus Technologies

The area of patent law is always one of the most difficult to navigate for companies no matter which side of a case a company is on; I have recently been watching a case closely taking place between Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link that is pushing the limits of patent law as far as it can go. I believe the chance to enjoy a successful future is something Securus Technologies CEO Richard A. Smith is looking to assist in bringing the case to a close in a bid to save the time, effort, and money this will cause both companies.


As part of the case I read about through a PR Newswire press release Securus technologies has been looking to put right a number of inaccurate statements made by GTL; despite this the Securus technologies CEO has offered his rival in the inmate communications industry a way out of the case without continuing court action that will drag on into 2017. Smith has already explained how Securus technologies has always taken a positive approach to what it sees as possible infractions of patent law, and often comes to a positive conclusion such as a licensing agreement with those who infringe on the patents of the company.


I was impressed with the way the company who I read received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau has looked to keep a conversational and accommodating tone in its dealings with GTL. Richard A. Smith has looked to develop a positive relationship with GTL by offering a technology challenge using both versions of inmate video communications in a bid to bring this difficult period for both companies to a close.