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Simple Party Planning Tips That Make It Easy For You

Do you have an upcoming party to plan for and are knew to the whole party planning thing? This can be really challenging for a newbie and there are so many details to remember. Where do you start? Here are some basic party planning tips from a professional event planner.


First things first, get yourself organized. Get out a pad of paper and pen, of your smart phone and start jotting down notes. What do you need? This includes food, party favors, etc. If you would like to include a theme, you can do that too. Every part of the theme can be centered around the theme like the decorations, and food. You can even dress up if you would like. It makes a party so much more interesting and fun. If you have some kind of checklist, then you will thank yourself through the whole process. It will make things so much easier too. After you get organized make sure to send out those invitations as soon as possible. This will give guests plenty of time to RSVP. If this is going to be a kid friendly party, get up a table for them at the party. Your including them in the fun, but giving the adults a break and time to enjoy themselves too.


If you are planning to serve alcohol at this party, offer a self-serve bar. No work for you and guests get what they want. That’s a win-win! You can up the ante by creating your own specialty cocktail. You can find inspiration with recipe videos on the web. When you’re at it check out simple food and table decor. If you are new to planning it’s good to get ideas of what you can do. Don’t stress out doing stuff that’s really complicated and over the top, stay relaxed. When guests leave, send them home with a token of gratitude, aka: a party favor.


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