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Betsy DeVos: Protecting America’s Youth and Securing Their Future

There is an article featured in the New York Times that talks about the grit and determination present in the newest Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos has been an exceptional figure in the media for many years as she has championed the “school choice” cause that many parents have fought for against supporters for public schools. Betsy DeVos feels very strongly about the benefits of the private school system but she is also dedicated to the students that have been enlisted under her charge. In fact, a recent decision was made to repeal a federal policy on transgender students. This policy allowed students to use bathrooms that they felt most adequately represented their personal identity.


While some people felt very strongly about this polarizing issue Betsy DeVos was worried about the staff members and students it would be affected by the repeal. She personally made sure to inform those individuals that would be directly affected before the repeal went into effect. She fought against this change in policy because she believed that the students under her care needed the protection that this federal policy gave. This instance showed that she was willing to fight for her students but it also showed that she would not go blindly with the suggestions of her peers. Betsy DeVos is a team player but she is also a shark when it comes to the protection of her students.


Betsy DeVos takes that protection very seriously. This is one of the reasons why she is so outspoken about her support for the “school choice” movement. She believes that parents have not been given the adequate permissions necessary to help their children. They feel bound by various means. In fact, many parents are required to send their children to the public schools that serve their districts. She would like to abolish this practice and allow parents to send their children to the schools in their area that perform better. Not only would this encourage underperforming schools to push for better grades, but it would allow parents to ensure that their children receive an adequate education.


Another alternative to switching public schools is switching to the private sector altogether. Betsy DeVos has a specifically spoken on the merits of the private sector with parents who have their children in public schools. While many of them fear that they may not be able to afford a private school education it is possible for them to enroll their children through scholarship programs and sliding-scale tuitions. Betsy DeVos has already proposed plans to increase scholarship funding and tax breaks to make it possible for these parents to enroll their children in alternative education. Her goal is to make it an option that is accessible to many parents across the nation. In addition to that, she wants parents to understand the importance of homeschooling and the goals that can be attained through virtual education. Her entire career has been devoted to the protection of America’s youth and she will not cease to do that until she knows that their future is secured.


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