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Why End Citizens United Can’t Lose

Corporations Are People
End Citizens United stands as one of the earliest and one of the most tragic judicial decisions of this decade. On Jan 21 2010, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United in the Citizens United v, Federal Elections Commission court case on Essentially, this decision means that corporations are allowed to make financial contributions to political campaigns as they see fit. The impact of this decision over the last seven years is apparent.

What Big Money Does To Politics
Allowing corporations to have no restrictions on the financial contributions they can make has seriously changed politics for the worse. The simple reality is that corporations have far more money to give to campaigns than individual donors and can essentially buy elections if left unchecked. Although it possible for nonprofit corporations and unions to contribute to political campaigns on, for profit corporations are now making the greatest contributions. Fortunately, there is an effort to change things and stop this from going any further. Over the course of the last few years activist groups opposing Citizens United have seen progress.

Who Is Trying To Change This?
Leading the opposition to this court decision is End Citizens United. Founded in March 2015, the organization has led the efforts to fight against this decision and the influence billionaires have in politics. They aim to accomplish this goal by building up grass roots membership and by supporting candidates on Facebook that oppose Citizens United. At this point they have already generated millions of dollars, but they don’t have any plans of stopping or slowing down. There is a serious need to fight against billionaires in politics and this is the first step in that direction.

The Endgame Of End Citizens United
End Citizens United wants to place political power back into the hands of the people. Corporations have an incredible amount of influence on politics today. They are promoting candidates that place the interests of the wealthy elite over the interests of the common man. This has impact on just about every aspect of our lives. Climate change, employment, and healthcare are great examples of where this can lead to harm if unchecked. Someone needs to something about this and End Citizens United wants to place those people into positions of power.

Where It All Leads
The future looks bright for End Citizens United and seems to show things are headed in the right direction. Most people, when informed, do not support the results of the 2010 court case. They want to have power restored to their hands. Fortunately, this is exactly what will happen as End Citizens United gathers more members and places the right people into power.