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Boraie Development Shines With Every Project the Company Undertakes:

New Brunswick, New Jersey recently just became the beneficiary if the opening of an outstanding new luxury apartment complex known as The Aspire. The Aspire is brought to this community by the folks at Boraie Development LLC. This fabulous structure is seventeen stories high and located next to the New Brunswick train station. This is a huge convenience for potential residents because this train station has a direct line to both Philadelphia and Manhattan. Boraie has announced that it is now opening its leasing office for this fabulous new residential development that should prove to be the cream of the crop in luxury living in New Brunswick.


The Aspire has the benefit of featuring a mix of one and two bedroom apartments and there is a total of 238 units altogether. This Boraie Development project offers a full-service facility to prospective residents as well as the fact that the high rise is located in the top retail and dining area in the state of New Jersey. Officials at Boraie have expressed how proud they are of this project and they feel confident that residents will enjoy the security and luxury behind this facility. Everything says luxury from the hardwood floors to the porcelain tiles in the bathrooms. Fabulous, gourmet kitchen facilities are also available. Check out



The Aspire represents some of the biggest recent news out of the Boraie camp in regard to the state of New Jersey but it is far from the only major piece of news. Boraie has also recently partnered with legendary athlete and Newark, New Jersey native, NBA Hall of Fame performer Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille grew up in the city of Newark during the 1970s and during that time he spent a lot of time in the area Boys and Girls Club. He has wanted to give back to his hometown for some time and a partnership with Boraie has granted him this opportunity in the development of the first new high rise building in the city in decades. You can visit



Fifty years is the exact amount of time that has gone by since the last high rise building went up in Newark. Shaquille O’Neal is quite proud to be working on this project with Boraie because in many ways, it is a fulfilment of a promise that he made to his mother years ago to help make the city a nicer and better place.



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Businessman Todd Lubar Is Interviewed On Ideamensch

Todd Lubar was interviewed on Ideamensch on April 6th of 2017. Lubar was asked about his business, his life and what he believes has made him a successful entrepreneur. Below are some of the highlights of the questions and answers during his interview with Ideamensch.

Mr. Todd Lubar was asked; what is one book that he has read and suggests other people go out and read. The reply was that people should check out the book titled The Magic of Thinking Big written by David J. Schwartz. The book is all about getting the best out of your family, career and community. Lubar said that the book has challenged him to think big and he believes it will to do same for others. One of the lessons he got from this book was that he now thinks with a more rounded view of life that takes into account the big picture. It also delves into the importance of setting and meeting high expectations, which further challenges you to do your best at everything.

Ideamensch asked what kind of software Todd Lubar uses to help him achieve his tasks and what he likes about the software that he utilizes. Mr. Lubar’s response was that he works directly with software developers to custom create software for his business. This allows him to maximize efficiency and have custom tailored solutions for his own and well as his own employees’ needs. Lubar said that he thinks it is important to have software that works in tandem with how you operate your business.

Todd Lubar was asked by Ideamensch what is the best $100 that he recently spent. His answer was the tech gadget known as a fitbit. Lubar says that it motivates him to stay in shape and eat healthy. The fit bit tracks the amount of sleep, exercise and other physical activity that you do throughout a day. He says that some of his co-workers all have fit bits and that they compete against one another to see who will be the fittest among them.

Todd Lubar is a veteran of the mortgage industry and also worked as a property developer for a period of several years. Today he works with startups at his investment company called TDL Global Ventures LLC. Mr. Lubar says his work is aimed at giving young entrepreneurs and new businesses a chance to succeed. He also enjoys spending time with his family in Maryland,

Visit his Facebook page for more information.