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Anti-aging Product Reviews from Jeunesse

Instant Ageless

This is another product from Jeunesse production line that is manufactured with the intention of diminishing age appearance on the face of an individual. The primary purpose of Instant Ageless is to remove the wrinkles that are mostly seen on the skin of an aging person. Also, the fine lines are covered entirely such that one gets a smooth face such that it is difficult to determine their age because they do not have wrinkles, pores, and other under-eye bugs that one can detect on the face of an old person. The product is made with an innovative technology that increases its effectiveness such that it will work on your skin for a shorter period. When applied well, Instant Ageless has the potential of changing the face of your skin within ten minutes.



Luminesce is one of the signature product that belongs to the organization. It is produced in an attempt to rejuvenate individuals and help them live a rejuvenated life. Luminesce is an anti-aging product that prevents you from looking aged. The innovation used in making this product plays a significant role in removing the fine lines on your face. Remember some fine lines tend to appear on the skin of an aging person. Moreover, luminesce eliminates wrinkles on your face such that a person who has been using this product shows a growing face that is associated with being youthful and having a fresh face.


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a multinational organization that focuses on selling skincare products and other nutritional supplements around the world. All the products offered by this organization have the theme of helping people to accomplish overall body health and youthful feeling. The founders of the organization, Wendy and Randy had successful careers in other professions but decided to formulate an organization that will offer products that help in reducing the rate of aging among different people around the world. In their production line, they decided to include nutritional supplements to boost energy levels while at the same time enhancing the overall health of an individual. Since 1990, Jeunesse has grown to be accepted globally as an organization that cares about the needs of its customers.

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How Boraie Development Turned Around A Dead Market In New Brunswick, NJ

Boraie Development has been a family-owned real estate development company since the early 1970s and they’ve worked hard to bring several areas of Newark, New Brunswick and Atlantic City back to life both economically and in home ownership and rentals. Many of New Jersey’s cities have realized they need to update their buildings, some of which have been around for more than five decades in order to encourage commerce to pick up in their municipalities. Boraie Development and its executives have noticed how the neighboring Burroughs of New York City have attracted in the millennial workforce by having various accommodations in their properties, and they’ve introduced those same amenities to their properties.


When Omar Boraie, the founder of the family company first came to the US, his plan was to obtain his doctorate at Rutgers University and pursue a career in chemistry. But while searching the city of New Brunswick for a home, he saw much of it falling apart and in need of new housing and commercial properties. He decided he could get into financing construction of these new buildings since nobody else was going to do it, and most of the city leaders who heard about this told him he would never succeed. But he went through with it anyway and those leaders would find out they were wrong.


According to, Boraie chose a block on Albany Street that he decided to start building at first, and he took an old building with a parking garage and turned it into the Albany Street Plaza’s tower one. About 15 years later tower two was completed, and the plaza became a new business center in New Brunswick. The next office and retail space Omar Boraie had built was 390 George Street which has 8 stories of 60,000 square feet, and they would soon expand their retail property developments into Newark when they partnered with Shaquille O’Neal to open the CITYPLEX 12 space.


The key housing spaces that Boraie Development has opened are One Spring Street, The Aspire and currently the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. They were one of the first companies to take the model of Manhattan-style high rises and bring them to New Brunswick and it began with the 25-story building at One Spring Street, but they also brought it to One Rector Street in Newark. But these properties are only the beginning to the plans to keep building New Jersey’s cities up. Read more on

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Talk Fusion CEO Shares Expertise With Rebranded HuffPost

Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina, is sharing his expertise with the readers of the newly rebranded HuffPost. The news website has undergone a total rebranding and has changed its focus to telling the stories of those people who “have been left out of the conversation.”

This shift in focus has been met with enthusiasm by Reina. He is a firm believer in continuous innovation and has stated that a brand’s growth is never complete. Learn more:

Reina has been a contributor to HuffPost since August 2016. He not only writes on business topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, and video technology trends, but he also contributes posts about lifestyle and self-development. Learn more:

His latest article for the site, How To Thrive In A Society Of Quitters, has received positive reviews.

Reina has stated that he is very pleased with the site’s rebranding. He understands that culture and fulfillment are important to any organization and he is supportive of HuffPost focusing in “on things that matter.”

Talk Fusion is a Florida-based company focused on helping businesses of all sizes stand out from the competition. They offer a wide variety of marketing solutions but their most popular offering is the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution.

All of Talk Fusion’s innovative products are marketed through Independent Associates and are being used in over 140 countries around the world. The company is currently offering 30 day Free Trials of their products for those businesses who are looking to make their marketing efforts more effective.They can experience a fully functioning version without the need of a credit card. Learn more: