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Susan McGalla Inspires Women to their Best in their Career

The corporate world has often shown bias towards women, and it is mostly seen that at the top of the management, mostly men are hired or positioned. However, times are changing, and many open-minded and modern companies are hiring women to call the shots. It is because women have time and again proved their worth in the corporate world and provided guidance that has benefitted the organization and generated higher revenue and performance. One of the women professionals who has achieved a lot in her career and has headed a number of organizations in the United States is Susan McGalla. In the past, she has served at the position of Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seals Inc and has also headed American Eagle Outfitters Inc as its President.

Susan McGalla believes that it is necessary for the companies these days to provide women equal opportunity and ensure that the deserving women professionals are promoted. Susan McGalla believes that the companies should have the in-house mentoring as well as sponsorship opportunities. It is what would help the women to achieve a better position in the companies and encourage other women to give their best at work as well. Encouraging women is necessary for the companies as the glass ceiling effect is still there, and the women must be given the comfort zone where they feel there is room for growth for them as well.

Susan McGalla believes that there is nothing that women cannot do, and they should never be underestimated. They have the ability to achieve big if they are given a chance. Find out more about Susan McGalla: