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How the Securus Technologies Phone System Keeps Our Jail Safe

The dangers of working in a jail are numerous, and every second inside the jail is just another opportunity for the inmates to hurt one another or the officers. Trying to combat the daily threat of violence is not something many people can do day after day or year after year, you really need to love your job or you could be in the line of fire in the blink of eye.


One of the ways that we combat the violence is trying to keep weapons and drugs out of the hands of the inmates. To do this, we start at the visitor center and we carefully check each and every person who wants to come in contact with the inmates. Even with warnings of arrest all over the jails, many people will push the envelope to try and get the things they are told to bring to the jail into the hands of the inmates. This can make it very challenging to slow down the flow of contraband.


Even when surprise inspections of the cells do not yield results, we have a resource that is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to control the flow of drugs and weapons to our jail. Securus Technologies installed an inmate call system in our jail, and it makes monitoring the calls easier. The inmates are used to us already listening in on their calls, but now we have software that helps us to detect chatter we would have otherwise missed.


The LBS software can alert officers to chatter between inmates and their friends or family that describe acquiring drugs and weapons in secret. Already this year, we have stopped visitors we would have never caught otherwise coming to the jail with contraband. Securus Technologies has been instrumental in keeping violence to a minimum in our jail.


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Samuel Strauch: Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

The real estate field offers an amazing opportunity to make a fortune. Anyone who wants to start a business or an investment that yields a steady stream of income ought to consider real estate. It is also important to work with someone who has already achieved success in the industry.

Samuel Strauch is a highly success and reliable professional and has a proven track record. Samuel Strauch is one of the most reputable professionals in the industry and his colleagues and clients have respect for him.

Samuel Strauch has great expertise in Real Estate, and can advise any one who sincerely wants to enjoy success in this industry. Samuel Strauch achieved great success in this field because of his hard work and perseverance.

The most common way newbies get started in the real estate field is to purchase and rent out property.

Samuel Strauch believes in having multiple properties, all yielding significant income. Having one property is not the way to make a fortune in the real estate business. Knowledgeable investors do their research and then start acquiring multiple properties in developing and highly desirable locations, such as Miami, Florida.

Over time, the income generated from the properties offset all the expenses incurred in the acquisition of the properties. At that point, you begin to enjoy profit from the investment and continue to earn nice profit as long as you have tenants on the property.

It was not easy for Samuel Strauch when he first started but he was determined to reach his goal of financial success. Some of the factors that he attributes to his success include careful analysis, creative thinking, high level of professionalism, transparency, and implementation. His clients, team members and associates have also enjoyed tremendous success due to his top notch advice and mentoring.

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Cloud Computing made easy with NuoDB

Are you an innovative developer, looking to build a database on a structured platform? Do you not have thousands of dollars to take on mainframe technology? If so, NuoDB may be the right call for you! With NuoDb, you can easily scale-out your SQL database for world-wide operations. With this piece of software, you may easily distribute deployment straight to the cloud. Included in this SQL database, is elasticity at its finest. Not only are you provided self-use provisioning, but the program is completely pay per use, entailing that you are only paying for workloads that you are using! However included features provides 100% ACID compliance, to take on transaction reliability.

NuoDb cloud database has well thought-out architecture, that provides transactional, storage, and administrative features, whilst other cloud computing methods do not offer quite the same promising features. Don’t hesitate to re-write all your code, to allow your applications to scale! However, never having to worry about your database sharding while scaling! If you’re looking for an SQL transactional database, you will not find one quite as smooth as this. NuoDB is the best at what it does, and offers DBMS at a fair price.

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Lori Senecal, the Woman Entrepreneur to Watch

Lori Senecal is a multi-talented entrepreneur well known for her innovative mind and exceptional leadership skills. Lori’s journey through the business and entrepreneurship world started soon after her graduation from the McGill University where she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Finance and Commerce. Since then Lori Senecal has worked for several business companies including the McCann-Erickson Worldwide Inc which was the first company to work for, the Coca-Cola, BMW, and the MDC Partner the KBS+ among others.Under all conditions, Lori has always left a legacy in every company she worked. She has significantly contributed to the global expansion of various agencies, launched their revolutionary business division and managed their global accounts as well. Her remarkable performances in the entrepreneurship career have led to her constant climb on the corporate ladder to becoming one of the top executives in the various companies.

Currently, Lori Senecal stands as the Global chief executive officer of the CP+ B Inc. At the company, Lori is responsible for the growth and management of CP+ B across the world. She is in charge of the operations of the company initiatives at its global offices. In addition, Lori helps the company to open new service centers at the most appropriate cities in the world.The productivity and success of Lori as the CEO comes as a result of her equal approach to leadership when it comes to visions and their implementation. She believes that an idea can only be good when implemented and thus her focus on the execution is equal to the vision and this has been her long-term secret behind her success when it comes to plans execution.

Owing to her outstanding corporate performance, Lori has received several awards and honors from various institutions. Some of the awards include; the woman to watch and the game changer awards. Senecal also recognises the achievements of other people especially in student inventions and hence her founding of the Isaac+ awards where she acts as the chairperson.Apart from business, Senecal is also a mentor; she is the woman leader who wants to see every woman making it both in business and the general life. Through her numerous posts on Twitter, Lori is seen to encourage young women who are determined to build their profiles in business. As an example, she strives to make women understand that in the business sector both men and women have equal abilities.

Visit her Tumblr account: https://lorisenecalofficial.tumblr.com/

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The Aspirations of The Struggle By Doug Levitt

One thing that can be shown in The Greyhound Diaries by Doug Levitt is a resilient spirit. A lot of people who have aspirations manage to keep their aspirations when they hit hard times. This is contrary to the belief that people who are in poverty have no ambition. This is also contrary to the belief that anyone who has aspirations loses it when they reach the lowest point in their lives. While it is possible for people to lose their aspirations, in many cases, it would take something really horrible to make them lose their aspirations. A lot of people gain the hope that they can regain what they have lost.

A lot of people look at people at low points in their lives with preconceived notions. However, it is never what they think it is. As a matter of fact, people who fall into hard times tend to find out that it is not what they expected to be. As a matter of fact, people never get it accurate. Another thing is that each case of poverty is unique in and of itself. In many cases, people who hit poverty are going to need an advocate.You can also visit : http://www.democraticunderground.com/100230214 to learn more.

Fortunately, people like Doug Levitt are around to pain a more accurate picture of the struggle. For one thing, it is not a pretty picture in many different ways than people would imagine. Fortunately, there are tons of stories that will show people that there is a huge variety in the lives of people who are in poverty. While there are stories of people that have given up on their lives in their old location and are traveling to where they could have a better chance, there is also stories of people who have an unbreakable spirit of resilience and determination. There is a lot of inspiration to go along with tragedy in The Greyhound Diaries.

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Simple Party Planning Tips That Make It Easy For You

Do you have an upcoming party to plan for and are knew to the whole party planning thing? This can be really challenging for a newbie and there are so many details to remember. Where do you start? Here are some basic party planning tips from a professional event planner.


First things first, get yourself organized. Get out a pad of paper and pen, of your smart phone and start jotting down notes. What do you need? This includes food, party favors, etc. If you would like to include a theme, you can do that too. Every part of the theme can be centered around the theme like the decorations, and food. You can even dress up if you would like. It makes a party so much more interesting and fun. If you have some kind of checklist, then you will thank yourself through the whole process. It will make things so much easier too. After you get organized make sure to send out those invitations as soon as possible. This will give guests plenty of time to RSVP. If this is going to be a kid friendly party, get up a table for them at the party. Your including them in the fun, but giving the adults a break and time to enjoy themselves too.


If you are planning to serve alcohol at this party, offer a self-serve bar. No work for you and guests get what they want. That’s a win-win! You can up the ante by creating your own specialty cocktail. You can find inspiration with recipe videos on the web. When you’re at it check out simple food and table decor. If you are new to planning it’s good to get ideas of what you can do. Don’t stress out doing stuff that’s really complicated and over the top, stay relaxed. When guests leave, send them home with a token of gratitude, aka: a party favor.


Looking for event planning companies in NYC that can cater to your every need? Twenty Three Layers is a design firm and full-service event planning company that can throw the most luxurious and over the top event, or simple and refined party. It is up to you!


Twenty Three Layers are corporate event planners in NYC too. They offer production, fabrication, custom printing, and much more. If you are looking for a company to host your next corporate event, Twenty Three Layers is a trustworthy company, with an eye for detail, that has impressed many businesses looking for their services.


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Businessman Todd Lubar Is Interviewed On Ideamensch

Todd Lubar was interviewed on Ideamensch on April 6th of 2017. Lubar was asked about his business, his life and what he believes has made him a successful entrepreneur. Below are some of the highlights of the questions and answers during his interview with Ideamensch.

Mr. Todd Lubar was asked; what is one book that he has read and suggests other people go out and read. The reply was that people should check out the book titled The Magic of Thinking Big written by David J. Schwartz. The book is all about getting the best out of your family, career and community. Lubar said that the book has challenged him to think big and he believes it will to do same for others. One of the lessons he got from this book was that he now thinks with a more rounded view of life that takes into account the big picture. It also delves into the importance of setting and meeting high expectations, which further challenges you to do your best at everything.

Ideamensch asked what kind of software Todd Lubar uses to help him achieve his tasks and what he likes about the software that he utilizes. Mr. Lubar’s response was that he works directly with software developers to custom create software for his business. This allows him to maximize efficiency and have custom tailored solutions for his own and well as his own employees’ needs. Lubar said that he thinks it is important to have software that works in tandem with how you operate your business.

Todd Lubar was asked by Ideamensch what is the best $100 that he recently spent. His answer was the tech gadget known as a fitbit. Lubar says that it motivates him to stay in shape and eat healthy. The fit bit tracks the amount of sleep, exercise and other physical activity that you do throughout a day. He says that some of his co-workers all have fit bits and that they compete against one another to see who will be the fittest among them.

Todd Lubar is a veteran of the mortgage industry and also worked as a property developer for a period of several years. Today he works with startups at his investment company called TDL Global Ventures LLC. Mr. Lubar says his work is aimed at giving young entrepreneurs and new businesses a chance to succeed. He also enjoys spending time with his family in Maryland, http://patch.com/maryland/potomac/todd-lubar-successful-baltimore-businessman.

Visit his Facebook page for more information.

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Why You Need Online Reputation Management

Are you wondering why reputation management is such a hot topic nowadays? Do you want to find out more about reputation management and why you need to have a reliable online reputation management system for your organization or company?

Now, whenever people want to learn about a company, product or service most go online and conduct a search in order to read reviews and comments posted by others. If the review is positive then they will have a good opinion about the company or organization and are likely to be interested in patronizing the business. If they find something negative about a company, they are more likely to leave and go to a competitor.

Because of the impact a negative review can have on a company or organization it is imperative that you take steps to build a great reputation and remove any derogatory content about you or your company. That’s where reputation management professionals can help you.

Online reputation management professionals have the skills and top resources to repair bad reputation, monitor your credibility and maintain an impressive image about you or your brand. These experts have search engine optimization skills and content creation techniques that enable them to suppress undesirable content while promoting positive content about their client.

When it comes to your credibility and how people view your company or your personal profile, you need to know about the top search engines and the impact they can make on your company. Most people look at the online reviews carefully before they decide to make a purchase.

A good reputation is essential if you really want to increase sales, boost revenue and grow your business. When you sign up with a reputation management firm, they will review your current situation to make sure no damage has been done. If so, then you will need reputation repair right away.

By having the professionals provide you with efficient reputation management service, you can be assured that only positive information about you or your brand will be presented to Internet searchers whenever they look up your name.

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A Review Of Bernardo Chua’s Success With Multi-Level Marketing

Bernardo Chua is the proprietor of Organo Gold. Before he founded the corporation, he used to work for Gano Excel in Philippines. Through his visionary leadership, he made huge success by applying multi-level marketing strategy to sell products having ganoderma.

Before long, the corporation opened offices in Hong Kong, the United States and Canada. Owing to this achievement, Bernardo was entrusted with the company’s operations in the U.S. He was appointed to serve as the president of Gano Excel USA.

Organo Gold is headquartered in Canada. Notably, the nation has strict regulations regarding how business should operate. By virtue of making different products, there is need to conduct extensive tests to ensure that the items being sold to the public are safe for human consumption. The company ensures that all its products are tested and any risks eliminated in due time.

According to PR Newswire, over the years, Bernardo Chua has been utilizing the direct selling model at Organo Gold. This model works by connecting distributors and consumers. Through a large network, distributors are able to reach clients in different parts of the globe.

Some of the products sold by Organo Gold are beverages such as café Mocha, Black Ice, Hot Cocoa, Café Supreme, Café Latter and King of Coffee among many others. In addition, the corporation develops personal care products, including OG Smile and premium G3 Beauty Soap.

For body management, Organo Gold manufactures mycelium, ganoderma lucidum, OGX fenix rich chocolate and OGX fenix creamy vanilla among others. Its brewing cups include Te Amo, Colombian Roast, African Red and Rodeo Chai.

Besides, Bernardo Chua has been educating people about the significance of the polypore mushroom. This herb is largely sold in the Asian market. Chua is regarded as the first person to sell the product outside the Asian continent successfully. Over the years, the successful businessman has mentored and inspired many people around the world.

He has been teaching about the importance of hard work, determination and business acumen. This is because these virtues play a central role in ensuring that one is reenergized to achieve his or her set goals and make a huge impact on a larger scale. Bernardo has an active LinkedIn page and Twitter account.

Learn more about Bernardo Chua:  http://www.slideshare.net/BernardoChua

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Dick and Betsy DeVos Spend Millions on Philanthropic Donations

Most wealthy families and individuals in the United States have been associated in one way or another with outsized giving to either charitable or political causes. The DeVos family is one of the families that has made a name for itself when it comes to making large-sized donations, especially to support political efforts. However, their political donation is nothing compared to what the family gives in the form of charity. In fact, both Dick and Betsy DeVos have donated about $139 million to charity throughout their lifetime.


Dick and Betsy DeVos opted to lift the veil on their philanthropic contributions ahead of Betsy’s confirmation to serve as US education secretary. The couple’s donation trend revealed that their tremendous generosity to charitable endeavors as opposed to political causes. According to their Foundation’s website, the couple gave out $11.6 million to charity. The philanthropic donation is about double the amount ($5.3 million) donated to campaign efforts over the past five years.


Dick DeVos together with his four children gave $104 million to charity in 2015. This amount landed the family the 24th position on Forbes list of most recent America’s Top Givers. By utilizing data from the DeVos family, Forbes estimated the entire DeVos family’s donations at $1.33 billion over their lifetime. Additionally, Dick and Betsy DeVos have displayed their support for educational causes through oversized donations. In 2015, they channeled more than $3 million to educational matters, which formed about 26% of the philanthropic contributions that year.


A Closer Look at Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is one of the wealthiest individuals in the state of Michigan. He is eldest son Corporation of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, Sr. Dick started working for his father’s company in 1974 by rotating in various divisions of the company. Later in 1984, he was given higher responsibilities through being promoted to VP of operations in about 18 nations around the world. Dick DeVos then left Amway to establish a new venture called The Windquest Group. He maintained his involvement in Windquest management even after being appointed to manage Orlando Magic Basket basketball franchise by his father in 1991.


In 1993, Dick made his way back to Amway Corporation to serve as the company’s president. He served as the company’s president even during the establishment of Alticor Corporation, as an umbrella firm. Aside from business, Dick DeVos has indicated political interest, especially when he ran for the governor seat for the state of Michigan. Additionally, he is a family man who is married to Betsy DeVos, the current US secretary of education. Betsy is the daughter of Edgar Prince, the president and founder of Holland, Michigan-based Prince Corporation. Her brother Eric Prince operates a military contractor company called Blackwater, which is based in North Carolina.