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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Tremendous Success in Plastic Surgery Industry

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an icon in the plastic surgery industry. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. He is also a partner in Dallas Plastic Surgeon Institute which is among the largest plastic surgery groups in the globe. Dr. Sam Jejurikar majors in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body, and face. Sameer Jejurikar is highly renowned and honored by his colleagues. He is usually given many representations at national and international plastic surgery meetings and conferences. Among them is the Plastic Surgery-The Meeting which is the yearly largest meeting of the plastic surgeons in the entire world.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has an incredible educational background. He pursued his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan where he completed with a distinction. After this, he joined the medical school at the University of Michigan and where he was selected for the highly renowned prestigious Alpha omega alpha Honor Society. He trained in both preliminary surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan for more than eight years. His was before he relocated to New York City for Aesthetic Surgery fellowship where he earned a dual certificate from both NYU and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Later on, Dr. Sam Jejurikar became a member of a large multi-specialty group in Central Texas. Three years later, He discovered his great interest to operate his plastic surgery practice firm, and thus he joined Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery accredited Dr. Sam Jejurikar. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Sameer Jejurikar is also a great philanthropist and he contributes in many philanthropic activities. He has been engaged in helping the needy and the less fortunate free of charge. This has earned him a big name in the philanthropy as well.

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UpWork Launches IPO To Become Dominant Force In Gig Economy

One of the most significant initial public offerings (IPO) in quite some time happened in early October. The freelancing platform UpWork (NASDAQ : UPWK) went public and experienced a 50% increase in its share price.

The company is riding a new wave of independent contractors and freelancers that are driving the world economy.

What Is UpWork?

UpWork was formed in 2014 when Elance and oDesk, two of the pioneers in the freelancing space, merged to form one of the largest freelancing platforms in the world. Freelancers (and businesses) have been flocking to the sight ever since.

Following the merger, UpWork has raised over $100 million from outside investors with its biggest stakeholders being Benchmark (15%), Sigma Partners (14%), and T. Rowe Price (10%).

UpWork went public with an IPO price of $15 a share. On the initial day of trading, the shares hit $23 a share. A 50% price increase.

Dominating The Gig Economy

As more and more young workers are turning away from traditional career paths, sites like UpWork are benefiting from this trend. These freelancers want freedom and a flexible work schedule. UpWork provides them with a platform to carve out their own nigh in their chosen industry.

While there are a number of platforms out there that allow individuals to participate in the gig economy, Uber, Fiverr, and Airbnb, UpWork is the largest platform dedicated to bringing freelancers and companies together to complete both short and long-term projects.

By using a rating and feedback system, UpWork allows freelancers and companies to build trust across the platform and gives users assurances that they are dealing with reputable partners. Because of this, UpWork has become one of the most profitable sites of its kind.

The Future

According to a recent study conducted by Harvard University and Princeton University economists, 94% of the net job growth over the past decade has come from “alternative work” and consultant labor. UpWork is uniquely positioned to take advantage of that trend.

They have also determined that the freelancing economy will be the fastest growing segment of the US economy going forward.

Just as the US economy moved from an agriculture-based economy to an industrialized one in the 18th to 19th centuries, we are now seeing a shift from corporate-dominated economy to one of freelancers and contract workers.

As the very fabric of the global economy shifts toward independent workers, UpWork and sites like it are poised to be dominant players in this new fashion of working. As their IPO would indicate, Wall Street is placing its bets on this developing trend and sees it as a very profitable endeavor.

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Are you still looking for recruitment consultants for your business? It’s because you haven’t discovered GoBuyside yet.

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Their online staff is also available to help with your recruitment endeavours; in fact they will be on hand to answer all your recruitment-related questions and other related matters.

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This is the firm companies all over the world are flocking to; they apparently have come to realize the success this company is having in helping other companies find top recruitment talent that are proving to be sourced of increased revenue for their firms, which is why such professionals are in demand.

Well, what are you waiting for? There’s no time to waste; GoBuyside is waiting to show your firm how to seek out and secure recruitment consultants that will help your firm to stay far, far ahead in the game.

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Robert Ivy’s take on why professional organizations matter

Robert Ivy serves as the Executive vice president (EVP) and the chief executive officer of American Institute of Architects (AIA). Since 2011, Ivy has been involved extensively in steering over 87,000 members to greater heights. He believes that joining hands to work as a group gives an organization power to influence legislations. He also believes that professional organizations give individuals credibility and an opportunity to grow. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Vast experience

Robert Ivy has led construction publications for more than 14 years. This was when he was the editorial director and Vice president of McGraw-Hill construction firm. While at McGraw-Hill, Ivy also edited engineering news, architectural records and the designs of regional publications. These included SNAP and HQ magazines. Also, he was the chief editor for architectural records. Ivy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Sewanee University in Tennessee. He also boasts of holding a Master’s of Architecture from Tulane University.

Adhere to an organization’s ethical standards

Robert Ivy stands for and respects the values and ethical standards set by professional organizations. He encourages members of professional organizations to adhere by the organization’s code of ethics. Even though professional organizations require one to pay a membership fee, Ivy believes it is worth it. According to him, your voice is stronger when you speak as an organization as opposed to as an individual.

Other benefits of joining professional organizations

By joining a professional organization, members get the opportunity to network with other people. Also, members get access to educational resources which improve their skills. Attending seminars, boot camps and other training programs also creates a close network with other professionals.

Check: https://www.contractdesign.com/news/people/robert-ivy-receives-noel-polk-lifetime-achievement-award/

Awards and honors

Robert Ivy is a recipient of numerous awards and honors. In 1998, Ivy received the “McGraw-Hill management excellence award.” He also received the “Crain award” in 2009. In 2010, he was awarded an accolade by “Alpha Rho Chi” for continuously teaching the value of architecture. He later penned an autobiography, “Fay Jones: Architect” in 2001. This autobiography is hailed for its high standards with respect to design, scholarship, and production.  Learn more about Robert Ivy at zdnet.com.

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Guilherme Paulus- the founder of CVC

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who has the largest shareholding in the tourism sector. He is the founder of the biggest tour company in Brazil. He took advantage of the opportunities that were available in the tourism sector a few decades ago and built a company that has been the epitome of great entrepreneurial work in the country. Paulus has built his company by focusing on the people who matter to the business. He has been listening to the customers and acting on their concerns. He believes that no business can thrive without paying attention to the people who matter the most to the business. Guilherme Paulus is advising entrepreneurs to make a habit of listening to the people who have been in the industry longer than they do. Experience in the business sector is an important aspect of the business.

Guilherme Paulus was born in Sao Paulo. He is one of the most successful business people in the history of the country. It is the dream that he developed at a very young age that has turned him into a dollar billionaire. He started CVC, the largest tour company in Latin America by dreaming and believing that he could manage the operations of such a company. In the university, he studies business administration. He first got a job as an IT technician and worked with IBM.

Guilherme Paulus had a passion for business in the tour industry. When he got an opportunity to start a project that involved creating a tour company, he did not hesitate. Guilherme was ready to make a breakthrough in the industry and try as much as possible to bring an end to the challenges he was encountering in the process. He has built a company that is based on strong values and respect for customers. He has made sure that all the operations of the company are accomplished before anything else. He is keen on taking the country to another level of growth through his initiatives in the tour industry. Guilherme has created a platform for thousands of people to get direct and indirect employment opportunities.

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Ray Emmons And His Amazing Company, Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is the winner when up against other brands of water. Water is amazing. It supports life, washes things and acts as a solvent. However, exposure to the wrong water can can a lot of problems down the road. The quality of a water is highly affected by where the water is harnessed from. In some places, the amount of naturally-occurring arsenic is relatively large. Places like this are not good to harness water from. Other places are near or on dumping sites, and have been polluted. There are places that are truly pure and clean. These types of places are ideal for bottling water.

The uncle of Ryan Emmons owned land that was pure. The water that flowed through it was tasty an clean. As he grew older, he came across the idea of selling the water in bottles. The year was 2012 when he started Waiakea, a brand of bottled water. The brand has been hugely successful because of a customer base that wants high quality water. People want the best for themselves because, nowadays, many water sources are no longer pure. Human activity has ruined many water sources. There are actually some water sources that have been naturally ruined by the composition surrounding soil. For example, some soils contain certain chemicals that are toxic to people and that build up in people’s bodies over time.

We are lucky to live in a day and age where everyone around the world can taste the water that comes through Mona Lua. Bottles of Waiakea Water are shipped all over the world to lucky individuals who want to take part in the gift that Mona Lua gives to the world. The modern trend of globalism has allowed this to happen. Natural wonders can be shipped all over the world for everyone to enjoy. This is a luxury that only kings had, at some point.


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Freedom Checks For Investments

Many people are looking for ways to invest their money. They know that there are a lot of opportunities out there, but they want to know which ones work. A man named Matt Badlilia has found one that truly works. It is called Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks

With Freedom Checks, you will be investing in something that offers a high return. Unlike the Trump Checks, which are an investment with a lower return. You want to go into the checks with Freedom to get the highest return possible.

His Video

Matt Badilia has researched the checks from Freedom thoroughly. He has invested in them, and he has made a lot of money in return. The video that he made lets other people know how to invest in them to so that they can make a lot of money too. The video has gone viral because of it popularity.


Make sure that you have the money to invest. Do not use money that you will need for something else. You want to put the money into the checks that you do not need so that you will see a return for it. Plan the use of your money wisely.

Keeping Track Of Your Money

Keep track of everything that you do. A great way to stay organized with it is to put it all into a folder. The folder should be labeled clearly. You will want to keep the folder where you can refer to it when you need to. As you prove to be successful, let others know what you have been able to do with the Freedom Checks. Tell them how you did it so that they can benefit from your knowledge. They will always appreciate that you cared enough to help them make the money that they need from their investments. Learn More.

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Betsy DeVos: Protecting America’s Youth and Securing Their Future

There is an article featured in the New York Times that talks about the grit and determination present in the newest Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos has been an exceptional figure in the media for many years as she has championed the “school choice” cause that many parents have fought for against supporters for public schools. Betsy DeVos feels very strongly about the benefits of the private school system but she is also dedicated to the students that have been enlisted under her charge. In fact, a recent decision was made to repeal a federal policy on transgender students. This policy allowed students to use bathrooms that they felt most adequately represented their personal identity.


While some people felt very strongly about this polarizing issue Betsy DeVos was worried about the staff members and students it would be affected by the repeal. She personally made sure to inform those individuals that would be directly affected before the repeal went into effect. She fought against this change in policy because she believed that the students under her care needed the protection that this federal policy gave. This instance showed that she was willing to fight for her students but it also showed that she would not go blindly with the suggestions of her peers. Betsy DeVos is a team player but she is also a shark when it comes to the protection of her students.


Betsy DeVos takes that protection very seriously. This is one of the reasons why she is so outspoken about her support for the “school choice” movement. She believes that parents have not been given the adequate permissions necessary to help their children. They feel bound by various means. In fact, many parents are required to send their children to the public schools that serve their districts. She would like to abolish this practice and allow parents to send their children to the schools in their area that perform better. Not only would this encourage underperforming schools to push for better grades, but it would allow parents to ensure that their children receive an adequate education.


Another alternative to switching public schools is switching to the private sector altogether. Betsy DeVos has a specifically spoken on the merits of the private sector with parents who have their children in public schools. While many of them fear that they may not be able to afford a private school education it is possible for them to enroll their children through scholarship programs and sliding-scale tuitions. Betsy DeVos has already proposed plans to increase scholarship funding and tax breaks to make it possible for these parents to enroll their children in alternative education. Her goal is to make it an option that is accessible to many parents across the nation. In addition to that, she wants parents to understand the importance of homeschooling and the goals that can be attained through virtual education. Her entire career has been devoted to the protection of America’s youth and she will not cease to do that until she knows that their future is secured.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

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The connection of Freedom Checks to MLPs

MLPs through freedom checks offers an ingenious way of investing that reduces the tax burden and further ensures that the investors receive more than 90% of the capital gains. MLPs refer to master limited partnerships and combine the features of both public companies and partnerships. The move has the benefit of ensuring that the invested capital or gains are not subjected to high taxes. The creation of the MLPs was intended to ensure that concerned corporations have access to capital necessary for expansion and other activities. Nonetheless, MLPs are restricted to real estate and energy corporations. Many of the oil and gas companies in the USA are MLPs and offers units as opposed to shares that are provided by other ventures.

However, the units are similar to shares as they can be traded on foreign exchange platforms.

The introduction of the freedom checks can be linked to Matt Badiali who is a geologist and entrepreneur. In his early years, he inspected oil and coal mines in different countries. During the processes, he interacted with many global leaders who improved his understanding of business concepts. Earnings made from MLPs are not taxed immediately. They are only subjected to taxation after they are sold. The provision ensures that taxation does not consume a high portion of the earnings. Many investors thus view it as a lucrative platform where they can improve their financial gains.

Role Played by Matt Badiali in the Introduction of Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali recommends freedom checks as being one of the ways that investors may attain high capital gains on their investments. The plan is based on personal experience where he achieved a financial breakthrough after selling energy stocks in 2010. During the 2008 market crash, Badiali had proceeded to by many stocks in the energy sector. The case was even though experts warned him of the move.

However, he evaluated the performance of each oil and gas corporation on the basis of resources. The analysis formed the basis of identifying the most lucrative firms. According to Badiali, claiming a freedom check may come in handy in recoding high revenue earnings. One can attain freedom checks from financial institutions as well as financial brokers.

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Brian Torchin Has Created Companies That Serve His Clients Well

The modern business field is one that demands many abilities. Consumers need great products and services. Companies need to be able to provide those services and goods at a great price and deliver amazing quality at the same time. Today’s business executives have to go above and beyond to deliver impressive results in a highly crowded market. Someone who knows this very well is businessman Brian Torchin. As the president of HRC Staffing, he’s one person who understands the field of business staffing. He has been developing ways to help employees, consumers and capital investors successfully connect. With his help, privately owned companies, publicly traded companies and non-profit organizations have found the kind of staffing they need to keep meeting any goal. He wants every single person to find the right job for their needs. He also wants to make sure that places such as law firms and medical settings can have staffers who are ready to go from the second they set inside the door. These are truly important fields that serve people in need of precise, high level help. More about of Brian Torchin at Digital Journal

Reducing Turnover

There are many advantages of using services from Brian Torchin. One such advantage is the ability to reduce turnover. Turnover is when people leave a company because they are not satisfied in some way. Hiring people can be very expensive. Employees must be vetted and carefully tested even before they spend a single day on the job. Employees must also be able to handle the job’s duties. When people leave because they are not happy with issues such as the working conditions, this can increase costs.  Torchin does the legwork for the companies. This enables him to help them to grow. He is able to find employees who can step in and remain with a company on short notice. Torchin attended the University of Delaware and then went on to further complete his own education. Since then, he’s explored various professions and gained lots of experience in the medical field. In starting his own company, he’s been able to reach and give something back to his clients.

Visit: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/07/18/brian-torchin-talks-about-the-difficulties-of-healthcare-staffing-in-philadelphia-and-beyond/