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A Real Gem in the Biotechnology Industry

When you talk about the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries today, you will never miss out the name Marc Beers. With more than twenty years of experience in this field being active, Marc has contributed a tonne of his talent, advice, counselling and experience to the success of this field. He has been chief executive officer, director, CEO, sales and marketing manager, a husband, a father and many more. With all the companies he has ever been part of a success today, Marc shifted his focus to his latest and project Renovia, Inc., and his major interest being the general public, women in general with debilitating health conditions of the pelvic, Marc has successfully closed the deal on one of the worst health conditions affecting more women than any statistics has ever revealed “the pelvic floor disorder”. With most of his companies’ pharmaceutical product being approved by the FDA and these products being produced and approved in many countries around the world, no wonder he is among the top names in the biotechnology industry today.


His major point for his success and for companies that he has worked for in the past has been a source of fundraising. To him, any project that lacks funds will collapse even before it is due to kick off. So for his new innovation, to tackle this challenge, he made sure to seal the most important aspect of the project by securing his dream company a $42.3 million series B financing that will help his digital therapeutic and diagnostic device become a reality.


His company has partnered up with a well- known Medtech Company in Boston to produce one of its very first products to treat pelvic floor disorder which was estimated to be millions of dollars in research and time. As a result of this major breakthrough four other major health care advisors and investment companies have decided to raise more funds that will go into four more diagnostic and therapeutic products for this disease condition and on an upgrade on the “LEVA” which was the very first product that was approved and released in the market today. Though it is still performing well, it will be upgraded to suit most of the latest research that has been done so far in the field. His research will provide a greatly needed overview of disease conditions, stages, treatment options and even an estimated budget to the patient. This breakthrough has already put a smile on the faces of millions of women around the world.


In conclusion, the biotechnology industries need an innovative researcher and new research that will come up with new and improved treatment options for patients that have lost all hope in their minds about permanent health conditions. Learn mnore:


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Steve Ritchie Approach to Improve Fourth Quarter Report Results

Papa John’s newest CEO, Steve Ritchie said that the company still needs to continue working towards winning customers’ trust. However, Steve Ritchie said that this company is on its way to recovery.

Despite a third-quarter earnings report revealing a decline in same-store sales, revenue, and earnings per share, Steve Ritchie is optimistic regarding the steps Papa John is taking for progress. Steps that Papa John has taken are rebranding and focusing more on their employees. Ritchie noted that this had a positive influence on consumers’ attitude towards the business. Ritchie mentioned that data has shown that after they launched their “Voices” campaign, customer’s view of Papa John started to change from a negative view to a more positive one.

Nonetheless, the business did report an unfortunate third-quarter report where they missed analysts’ expectations in revenue, earnings per share, and same-store sales. Papa John reported a revenue of $364 million which is below Yahoo analysts’ prediction of $394 million. They also reported an earning per share of 20 cents, but that missed the average analysts’ prediction by 2 cents per share. The same-store sales in North America have also decreased by 10 percent. However, the same-store sales in international sales have increased by 10 percent due to the opening of new restaurants.

In a post from the Biz Journals, despite the recent reports, Steve Ritchie believes that the new executive appointments that were made in October of 2018 will lead the company to focus more on their customers. The executive suite restructure is led by vice president and chief operator Mike Nettles. the business has appointed Justin Falciola, Anne Fischer, Paul Fabre, and Melissa Richards as senior VP. They have also opened new positions amongst the VP which are chief analytics and technology officer, customer experience, menu strategy and innovation, and chief brand officer. Ritchie believes that these new positions and appointees will guide Papa John to focus on the key focuses that they made back in May this year.

As the fourth-quarter earnings report approaching, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is feeling optimistic despite the challenges the company still has to overcome.

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Jason Hope Promotes Hope For The Future

Jason Hope has realized great success as an investor and entrepreneur, which allows him to spend time and money pursuing his passions through philanthropy and his futuristic perspective on the Internet of Things (IoT).

His futuristic perspective lead him to make a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation in 2010. The SENS Foundation was able to build and equip the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and implement research on anti-aging that focus on finding ways to prevent diseases before they happen rather than curing them in retrospect.

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Jason Hope was born, raised, studied, and live in Arizona. He attended Arizona State University earning a degree in Finance and obtained an MBA from W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University as well. After a solid educational background, Jason Hope realized great business success and an international reputation as an expert in all types of business matters. Another of his passion is the latest tech trends and the direction the Internet of Things are headed.

Many who are familiar with the concept of the Internet of Things probably view it from the perspective of how connected computers can monitor such things as relay stations for utility companies and even shut down station and reroute services to prevent blackouts. Through the Internet of Things, manufacturing facilities can alert technicians of malfunctioning equipment as well the corporate office. Technicians once alerted can correct the problem and the corporate office can explain a decrease in production. Jason Hope predicts the effect these connected computer and devices can affect the lives of the general public.

Smart houses and smart devices allow customers to control household appliances through a cell phone or settings that were programmed into them in advance. People are in control, but one of the possibilities is that through the Internet of Things there could be security breaches or hackers may take control.

To learn more about the Internet of Things, possible advantages and disadvantages, Jason has a new e-book to help you learn more at His advice may be as sound on this issue as it is on business issues.

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Wes Edens Does Not Shy Away From The Difficult Decisions

The Fortress Investments and Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens has never shied away from making the tough decisions in his career. Whether he is taking the decision to expand the only private passenger rail service in the U.S., Brightline to Chicago from its South Florida home or hire a new GM for the Milwaukee Bucks, Edens is willing to dive in.

The success of his Fortress Investments company shows Edens is willing to develop his business career in many different directions and in a successful way. Fortress Investments manages assets and capital for over 1,500 corporations and private individuals with a total level of assets managed valued at over $41.4 billion. What sets Wes Edens apart from his fellow investors is his willingness to work with experts in every field he enters to ensure every aspect of the process is completed in a successful way. More about of Wes Edens at Crunchbase.

A good example of the lengths Edens is willing to go to comes from his time as the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks when he was looking for a new General Manager. The appointment of Jon Horst as the General Manager came after an exhaustive search which included the employment of an executive recruitment specialist to explore the many options open to the NBA franchise for their next GM. Horst was identified as the ideal candidate despite others believing existing members of the franchise were equally well positioned to take over the role.

Wes Edens has yet to make any move on the investment or sporting market without examining each decision in great detail. In the Summer of 2018, the Milwaukee Bucks opened their purpose-built arena, Fiserv Forum to much fanfare but Edens had already moved on to his next project. The purchase of Aston Villa Football Club in the U.K. comes at a time when Wes Edens is looking to expand his sporting portfolio and lead the former European Champions back to the Premier League after their 2016 relegation.



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Paul Mampilly; Setting a Mark in Investment

Paul Mampilly is among the Banyan Hill Publishing members and the go to person when seeking advice for good investment. He specializes in writing that helps Main Street Americans to make wealth in technology, growth investment, and small scale stock and in special opportunity. Paul Mampilly began his career in Wall Street back in 1991. His first role was that of a portfolio manager and overseer in Bankers trust. His career advanced to getting better positions in the Deutsche Bank & ING. He was responsible for managing millions of dollars. He was recruited to run a $6B hedge fund in 2006. Under his leadership, the hedge fund assets became worth over $25 billion and the hedge fund was even named among the best.

One of Paul Mampilly’s skills includes his accuracy in calling out major turns in the market. One such example is during the stock bubble of 1999. The stock bubble was made up of big companies that had solid reputations. This drew in numerous investors. However, Mampilly warned that some companies were rising to abnormal heights and that this was an indicator that there was chaos in the stock markets. He liquidated all the stocks he owned before the bubble burst. The stocks took a tumble to breathtaking lows between 2000 1nd 2001 and many people made huge losses.

Paul Mampilly was also able to identify the crypto currency as the next bubble in investments. Economic bubbles occur when assets start selling above the level that outweighs actual functional value. Mampilly states that a sudden public interest in an asset can lead to a sharp rise in the price of the asset. Many people wrote to Paul Mampilly saying that maybe he did not invest in Bitcoin at the right time hence the negative evaluation. However, Mampilly is just a careful investor who takes time to do evaluation before he makes his investments.

Although he has a resume that could earn him a seven figure salary on Wall Street, Mr. Mampilly decided to help people to make the right investments. This is due to his view that Wall Street does not do enough to help the common person.

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