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Production And Stage Manager Clayton Hutson Will Work On Kid Rock’s New Tour

Clayton Hutson has worked on some of the most popular and iconic music artists’ tours as a stage and production manager for nearly two decades now. Since he began his long career in the entertainment industry, he has done stage production work for musicians such as Prince, Guns N Roses, Kanye West, Pink and Jennifer Nettles, whose former band was Sugarland. His latest venture will pair him up with the controversial rocker Kid Rock as he prepares to go on his 2nd US tour in 2018. The name of the tour will be the Red-Blooded Rock N Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour, and it will kick off in August.


This won’t be the first time that Clayton Hutson has worked with the Detroit born musician, being that he was a stage manager on his previous show called The American Rock N Roll Tour. Since Kid Rock has been known to be very outspoken on his political views and beliefs, these things will have to be considered in order to make sure that his latest tour doesn’t end up being disastrous or offensive. With the skills that Clayton Hutson has developed over time, he will most likely be able to deal with this type of situation in a way that will keep the shows on the right track.


He has said that when he manages shows for his artists, he takes their thoughts and feelings into consideration so that he can make sure that the audience will experience performances that are both beautiful and unique. He feels that he usually knows what’s going to work and what’s not going to work when it comes to putting a show together. His ability to plan out everything in order to get the best results from an artist’s performance is one of the reasons he has been so successful as a production manager.


Clayton Hutson got his stage management training from Central Michigan University, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production. He also earned an MBA degree from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Boss School of Business. He worked in the field of entertainment production for a number of years before he eventually started his own company. The Nashville based touring manager has been the VP of production for Ronin Event Creative since 2001. In addition to managing Kid Rock’s new tour, he will also be working with other artists who plan to go on the road soon.

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The achievements that Sheldon Lavin has been able to maintain over the years

Currently, Sheldon Lavin is offering his services as the CEO of OSI Groups. A company over the years has been able to keep their reputation in being the best when it comes to manufacturing and packaging of the meat and food products. The company is based in Aurora, Illinois. The first time that Sheldon Lavin joined the firm he didn’t know much feeling like an outsider. However, things changed in the 1970s as he became active in the company activities at the time the company name was Otto & Sons, and the owners were the sons of Mr. Otto.

In the 1970s the potential that Otto and Sons had was evident. In fact, that time they had the chance of being able to acquire the reputation of being the largest supplier of hamburgers in the McDonald’s Corporation. The sad thing is that at the time things were not going well and they could not deliver. That was a clear indication that Sheldon Lavin needed and he stepped in to become the financial advisor of the company. He changed things around to acquire the growth they have now. After a while, he became actively involved in the company, and he didn’t just offer the company with financial advice. He assisted the company in the investment and sourcing of new business overseas. It was the same time that Mr. Otto retired and Sheldon decided that he was going to partner with the sons.

He put in a lot of commitment and hard work to ensure that the operations that OSI Group handled expanded across parts of the country. Soon after that, he got the controlling interest, and the company became his. Sheldon Lavin has been able to change the view people have when it comes to the meat and food processing industry. He has gained the needed understanding of the large-scale operations that will help the companies in being able to manage supply chains that are complex. Sheldon Lavin seeks help from others because he believes that without the support of teamwork he would not have achieved everything alone. The enforced collaboration in the company has helped in the reduction of turnover from the time he started managing the company.

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The Contributions Of José Auriemo Neto Towards The Success Of JHSF

The Contributions of José Auriemo Neto towards the Success of JHSF

JHSF Corporation is a real estate company based in Brazil. It has remained famous over the years due to its dealings with recurrent hospitality assets such as hotels, shopping malls, airports, and other significant projects. The company has its operations distributed on different continents including Uruguay and the United States. The market value of JHSF is approximated to be R$1.2 billion with over 6 million meter square real estate projects. The company was founded by José Auriemo Neto and his brother together with other partners in 1972.

In 2001, the successful company expanded its territories to shopping center development where it hosted the Metro Santa Cruz project. This was the first shopping mall build in Brazil. JHSF subsequently experienced tremendous success and in 2001 managed to become the majority shareholder of the Fasano Group’s hotels. The company is also remembered for inaugurating Catarina Fashion Outlet in 2014 which was the first luxurious market in Brazil. JHSF’s expertise has also been felt in the United States where it has developed several residential houses including the Cidade Jardim complex.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is the current CEO and Chairman of JHSF Cooperation. He steers different development projects in both public and private sectors and has been able to build remarkable office buildings and hotels. José Auriemo Neto has the role of administering the shopping and retail portfolios of JHFS including Cidade Jardim. He has also overseen several partnerships and retail agreements which have contributed to the company’s success.

José Auriemo Neto went for his undergraduate program at the University of Fundacao Armando Alvares penteado which is based in Sao Paulo. He joined JHSF in 1993 and is known as the founder of the company’s service department. He is also the owner of Parkbem, a company that deals with parking lot management.

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Award Winner And CEO, Lori Senecal Is Paving The Way For Women In Corporate Sector

Lori Senecal has been directly responsible for the expansion and elevated growth of CP+B for the past three years since she joined the company in 2015. Her primary mission for the company was to improve global development, which she has successfully accomplished over the past few years as she improves the company’s flexibility and collaboration in the market.


Lori Senecal’s dedication and hard work earned her a place on the executives to watch list back in 2016, one of just four people. Lori was even named on the top 100 power list on AdWeek for multiple years in a row for her leadership in the technological, media, and marketing industries.


As one of the top revolutionaries in the corporate world, Lori Senecal has been featured in various publications and media outlets for her business accomplishments and creativity. Her position at CP+B is noteworthy and a huge accomplishment in her career journey, but she also has various other accomplishments as an executive in the business world. Before her time at CP+B, she was worked with KBS as a chairman and earned the company a place on the standout agencies list for several years in a row. Check out for more.

During her time at KBS, Lori Senecal was named as one of the leading women executives to watch out for as she drove the company into new growth and creating a workplace that was named one of the best to work at in the entire city.

Lori has long been climbing the ladder in the business world and before she took up her position at KBS she worked as a global chief officer for McCann World Group and McCann Erickson. Throughout her years working in executive positions for these big companies, she has earned various awards and titles for her accomplishments, including claiming accounts with the likes of American Airlines and PayPal. You can visit


According to Lori, her days are highly structured and she maintains a steady routine to follow in order to accomplish her goals and have time to do everything throughout the day. Her typical mornings open with an exercise regime, followed by following up on progress at CP+B’s offices. You can visit their website for more.


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OSI Group: Building an International Presence

The OSI Group is one of the leading companies in the United States today. The OSI Group focuses on manufacturing high-quality protein products, and they have been in the market for nearly one hundred years. An immigrant established the OSI Group from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky, and he chose to build his business outside the city of Chicago were many German-descent immigrants live. He offered his products to the public, and due to the high-quality nature of his meat, people started to share OSI Group business to their friends and family, eventually boosting his sales and making the business one of the most preferred meat shops in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Because of the success of his business, Otto Kolschowsky decided to build a second meat shop, which he placed on the opposite side of Chicago. This meat shop also thrived, and in 1928, he officially registered the business as Otto & Sons. The company had a consistent growth during their first decades, and everything started to change when the McDonald’s Corporation chose them as one of their official partners. The fast-food restaurant requested Otto & Sons to manufacture beef patties for them. Otto Kolschowsky started to produce high-quality beef products and sent it to McDonald’s Corporation. Their business partner, on the other hand, started to get serious in the food business. The number of restaurants under the McDonald’s brand skyrocketed, and the demand for beef patties soared.

Otto Kolschowsky managed to find a solution to his problem by teaming up with financial companies where he could get additional capital. As McDonald’s Corporation began to go international, they decided to cut their ties with some of their business partners. The innovation in the food preservation system also made it possible for the corporation to keep their beef patties fresh for a long time. Otto & Sons thought that their terms with the McDonald’s Corporation would soon be terminated, but they were surprised when the fast food giant stated that they wanted them to stay.

Today, Otto & Sons are more popularly referred to as the OSI Group, and their success continues up to this day.

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How Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Became The Emergency Medicine Specialist At TMH

Hitting it big in the healthcare industry demands a healthy dose of aspiration and grit. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, a prominent name in his trade, possesses both. Before his career as an emergency medicine specialist commenced, Forsthoefel pursued higher education from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. It was here where he cultivated his skills and acquired a knack for physician work. Following his graduation in 2012, Forsthoefel underwent his residency at Louisiana State University. Now equipped with the necessary qualifications to pursue his dreams, Forsthoefel was well on his way to becoming a renowned critical care doctor.


Perhaps the wisest career move Forsthoefel made was obtaining a state medical license in both Louisiana and Florida. With more options at his disposal, Forsthoefel was all but guaranteed a business opportunity in his realm. In fact, one came a-knocking in 2012. It was at this juncture when Forsthoefel received a job offer from Tallahassee, forcing him to contemplate the pros and cons of uprooting his life in Louisiana. The scale tipped in Florida’s favor, meaning Forsthoefel was soon to become an emergency medicine specialist in the Sunshine State. Now six years later, Dr. Forsthoefel has made a name for himself at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. His duties consist of diagnosing severe ailments, remedying said sicknesses, and tending to pressing matters.


Though the strains peculiar to this job would arouse distress in most, testimonials from Forsthoefel’s patients suggest that Forsthoefel handles stressful situations with grace. In fact, punctuality and helpfulness are among two of his most admirable traits. As is true for most professions, critics will inevitably surface and attempt to besmirch your name. Unfortunately, that is the case for Dr. Forsthoefel. However, he’s earned far more praise than condemnation. Above all else, Forsthoefel is regarded as an “excellent doctor.” These days, you’ll find Dr. Forsthoefel diligently caring for his patients at TMH. When he’s not roaming the halls of Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital, Forsthoefel often offers his expertise to doctors and specialists at other hospitals.

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Anti-aging Product Reviews from Jeunesse

Instant Ageless

This is another product from Jeunesse production line that is manufactured with the intention of diminishing age appearance on the face of an individual. The primary purpose of Instant Ageless is to remove the wrinkles that are mostly seen on the skin of an aging person. Also, the fine lines are covered entirely such that one gets a smooth face such that it is difficult to determine their age because they do not have wrinkles, pores, and other under-eye bugs that one can detect on the face of an old person. The product is made with an innovative technology that increases its effectiveness such that it will work on your skin for a shorter period. When applied well, Instant Ageless has the potential of changing the face of your skin within ten minutes.



Luminesce is one of the signature product that belongs to the organization. It is produced in an attempt to rejuvenate individuals and help them live a rejuvenated life. Luminesce is an anti-aging product that prevents you from looking aged. The innovation used in making this product plays a significant role in removing the fine lines on your face. Remember some fine lines tend to appear on the skin of an aging person. Moreover, luminesce eliminates wrinkles on your face such that a person who has been using this product shows a growing face that is associated with being youthful and having a fresh face.


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a multinational organization that focuses on selling skincare products and other nutritional supplements around the world. All the products offered by this organization have the theme of helping people to accomplish overall body health and youthful feeling. The founders of the organization, Wendy and Randy had successful careers in other professions but decided to formulate an organization that will offer products that help in reducing the rate of aging among different people around the world. In their production line, they decided to include nutritional supplements to boost energy levels while at the same time enhancing the overall health of an individual. Since 1990, Jeunesse has grown to be accepted globally as an organization that cares about the needs of its customers.

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Growth of Nabors Industries under CEO Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. Currently, it is the biggest firm in the country in the oil and gas drilling sector. With the input of Tony Petrello, the company has expanded its business operations to other continents. Currently, it is the number one oil and gas drilling company in the world with a presence in 25 countries. The company has been boosted in its development plan by having the best drilling technology. Their rigs are of the best quality and are therefore bought by many other players in the drilling industry.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer. Since then, he has been part of this company growing with it at every step of the way. He has made sure that the company is growing according to the changing need of the industry. From a small company that it was in the past few decades, it has grown into a leading firm in the world. Through the input of Tony Petrello, the growth has been tremendous because he has been trying to come up with the best innovative ideas that no other company is implementing. ‘Through innovations, Tony has made Nabors Industries rise above the recent in the oil and gas drilling sector.

Tony is a naturally talented problems solver who believes that everything can be solved as long as there is willingness. His success as an executive has come from the fact that he knows what needs to be done in times of challenges. This has been the main reason Nabors Industries continues to do well even at times when the economy is not doing well. In the past one decade. There have been numerous economic challenges brought about by the financial crisis of 2008. However, despite these challenges, Tony still managed to put Nabors Industries on the list of the best-performing companies in the United States.

Tony Petrello has been recognized for the great work he is doing at Nabors industries with a mention in the list of the highest income earners in the country in2015. The good performance of Nabors Industries has translated into a higher compensation.

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A Look At Some Of Wes Edens Investments Of The Past Few Years

Wes Edens is a principal, chairman of the board, and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. His firm, based in New York City, manages alternative investments. He is also the owner of a professional sports team and is the owner of an eSports team. He is a member of the 1984 graduating class of Oregon State University, earning a bachelor of science degree in business administration and finance. Wes Edens worked for Lehman Brothers and BlackRock before starting his own company in the financial industry.

His financial specialty is investing in private equity. He has bought and managed a number of companies through Fortress Investment Group such as Springleaf Financial Services and Nationstar Mortgage. He bought about 73 million shares in Springleaf which cost $125 million at the time. He was also the one to make the announcement that Springleaf would be acquiring OneMain Financial in March 2015. He said that both companies share similar cultures and philosophies and the combined company would be focused on providing premier financial services to their customers.

Another recent project Wes Edens has been heavily involved in is the Brightline project which now operates a private train between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This train can hit 135 mile per hour which is far faster than the perpetually congested freeway between these two cities. He has talked about bringing Brightline to other parts of the country where freeways are always congested such as between Houston and Dallas and St. Louis and Chicago among others. He says his train service is great for travel between cities that take far too long by car but are too close to fly between.

Along with a business partner Wes Edens bought the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 for $550 million. At the time Wes Edens promised fans he would get a new arena built and one is now in the process of being built. He is also looking for his team to earn a championship, something they haven’t done since 1971. In the area of eSports he owns a team called FlyQuest. His team competes in the Legends Championship Series around the nation.

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The Chainsmokers Give Fans A Glimpse Into Their Song Production Routine

The Chainsmokers are a production and DJing duo who have become quite popular over the past few years. They started out appealing to college students and have since broken out to having fans young and old around the world. Their latest song is “Somebody” and in a video posted on Facebook they gave a look into how a song is produced using this song as the backdrop.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart make up The Chainsmokers. In the video they posted on Facebook they gave a glimpse into what goes into composing a song. It featured their work on Ableton, a computer-based music sequencer, as well as their work on the piano and synths. Later on they plan to give a much more in-depth tutorial on how they created “Somebody” once they finish editing it.

This dance music duo first came together in 2012. They were both separately managed by Adam Alpert who introduced them to one another. They hit it off right away both personally and in their musical tastes. They performed their first live performance in September 2014 when they were the opening act for Timeflies. Their first song was “#Selfie” which they had released as a free song in December 2013. This song was quickly picked up by the record label Dim Mak Records who re-released it a month later. Other singles they released early in the careers were “Let You Go” and “Kanye”.

The last album The Chainsmokers released was in 2017 and was called, “Memories…Do Not Open”. There were a number of hits from this album which were released over the course of 2017 such as “Paris”. Also released that year was a song they did in collaboration with Coldplay which was “Something Just Like This” which hit number one in countries around the world.

After taking a bit of a break The Chainsmokers can roaring back in early 2018 with the release of “Sick Boy”. This song marked a change in the approach this duo takes to music. Since then they have also released, “Everybody Hates Me” and “You Owe Me“. They are also hard at work on their next studio album.