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Appreciating Robert Ivy’s Contribution in Architecture

The year 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Robert Ivy. The Noel Polk Award chose Robert because of the extraordinary work he has done throughout his career. He has been a creator, performer and a supporter of art. Robert is the first architect to be honored with this award. Other personalities also recognize the contribution Robert has made in Mississippi.

Robert Ivy may have achieved a lot in his career, but he is still pursuing more. Specifically, Robert’s focus is on AIA. He is the CEO of American Institute of Architects. Since he took this position, the organization has made significant strides forward. AIA is an institute of architects who have come together to support each other in this profession. The organization has lobbied for better working terms, and more for all architectures.

Before his position at AIA, Robert was an editor at Architectural Record. He spent a considerable time before moving on. Robert did not stop his editing work even after leaving the organization. He is still an editor at McGraw Hill. While he edits, Robert is still the vice president. His numerous roles exhibit Robert’s abilities and skills of serving in many areas successfully.

Other previous records include Robert’s time at Dean/Dale. He was the managing partner at this architectural firm. Colleagues recognized him as a primary architect and appreciated contribution to the firm. Working at Dean/Dale was a significant opportunity for Robert. He attained most of his professional skills and experience at this firm. It is a fundamental pillar that made him the person he is today. After doing his role at this firm, Robert realized it was time to move on and seek other opportunities.

Apart from the Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert has received other awards before. In 2009, he was recognized for his volition spirit. Robert had been doing a teaching and mentorship program. He believes that other upcoming professionals need guidance and assistance to thrive. This attitude impressed Alpha Ro Chi and honored him as the master of the architect.

Robert Ivy appreciates that he has not come this far alone. Through the support of other partners and colleagues, he has achieved a lot and will continue. Working at AIA has shown this virtue significantly. Robert and the organization work closely with other personalities to meet the organization’s goals. Some of these people are within the organization while others are external. Robert Ivy’s success is an indication that career journeys can never be a solitary affair.

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