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Jeremy Goldstein: Making Things Easier to Understand

The corporate world recently picked up what many experts consider to be a nasty trend. For a while, corporations have stopped providing stock options. Stock options used to be the most popular and only employee benefit that large corporations offered. People’s fears concerning the stock market have led many companies to seek out new compensation methods.

There’s nothing wrong with companies looking for new ways to reward their employees. The problem arises when every company stops providing stock options and starts looking for newer methods. While newer methods sound like a good idea, abandoning stock options may not be the best move for everyone.

If only a few were following this trend, Jeremy Goldstein wouldn’t have a problem with that. Because so many corporations are doing away with stock options, it tells him that these companies aren’t thinking long-term. Stock options, while risky, have more advantages than disadvantages.

Honestly, the only downside to a stock option is the risk. If nothing goes wrong, everything else about stock options is a bonus. The problem is something always goes wrong; that’s just something people have to get used to again. Historically, people understood how business worked and knew to prepare for the downturn.

Now, people are hypnotized by all the shiny positivity of social media and terrified of when things go bad. These days, things can go bad much faster because of social media, and people don’t want their money tied to something they can’t fully control.

The best part of stock options is that people can control them. When people are personally invested in the company’s success, they can see their work raising the company’s stock value. This makes them work harder to ensure the company’s success. That’s an advantage that no other compensation method can give people.

Before anyone dismisses Jeremy Goldstein, they should know he’s New York’s go-to guy when it comes to employee benefits. Nearly all of his recent clients have come to him for advice on which compensation method they should use. No one knows more about this subject than Jeremy Goldstein. Learn more: http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6423046

Jeremy Goldstein started his law firm after spending years at a similar law firm. Now, he dedicates all of his time to handling his firm’s biggest transactions, which involve clients like AT&T and Verizon.

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How Boraie Development Turned Around A Dead Market In New Brunswick, NJ

Boraie Development has been a family-owned real estate development company since the early 1970s and they’ve worked hard to bring several areas of Newark, New Brunswick and Atlantic City back to life both economically and in home ownership and rentals. Many of New Jersey’s cities have realized they need to update their buildings, some of which have been around for more than five decades in order to encourage commerce to pick up in their municipalities. Boraie Development and its executives have noticed how the neighboring Burroughs of New York City have attracted in the millennial workforce by having various accommodations in their properties, and they’ve introduced those same amenities to their properties.


When Omar Boraie, the founder of the family company first came to the US, his plan was to obtain his doctorate at Rutgers University and pursue a career in chemistry. But while searching the city of New Brunswick for a home, he saw much of it falling apart and in need of new housing and commercial properties. He decided he could get into financing construction of these new buildings since nobody else was going to do it, and most of the city leaders who heard about this told him he would never succeed. But he went through with it anyway and those leaders would find out they were wrong.


According to statetheatrenj.org, Boraie chose a block on Albany Street that he decided to start building at first, and he took an old building with a parking garage and turned it into the Albany Street Plaza’s tower one. About 15 years later tower two was completed, and the plaza became a new business center in New Brunswick. The next office and retail space Omar Boraie had built was 390 George Street which has 8 stories of 60,000 square feet, and they would soon expand their retail property developments into Newark when they partnered with Shaquille O’Neal to open the CITYPLEX 12 space.


The key housing spaces that Boraie Development has opened are One Spring Street, The Aspire and currently the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. They were one of the first companies to take the model of Manhattan-style high rises and bring them to New Brunswick and it began with the 25-story building at One Spring Street, but they also brought it to One Rector Street in Newark. But these properties are only the beginning to the plans to keep building New Jersey’s cities up. Read more on Re-nj.com.