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Jeremy Goldstein Talks About Implementing EPS With Compromise In Corporates

Corporates and Employees are always in a constant struggle when it comes to employee incentives and the benefits that they are to receive. Employees work hard day in and day out, and most corporates try to do their best to ensure that the employees are compensated for the work that they do. But sometimes, what a corporate might consider compensation, might not be considered to be enough by the employee. This often leads to a constant struggle that can otherwise lead to a number of discrepancies at the workplace.



Jeremy Goldstein, a well reputed corporate lawyer from New York recently wrote an article about employee incentives, and what the parties involved can do to be able to get what they need, and still be satisfied on both ends. In the article, he outlined how compromising is one of the best ways to give the employees the benefits that they need, while ensuring that they don’t go overboard with the demands.



One of the things that companies have started to implement to give their employees better incentives is EPS. EPS stands for employee per share, which relates to how much incentives the employee can receive, based on the per share capita. This gives the employees an outline as to how much they can receive when they work for the company, and also how they can receive these to progress in their career. Even though this outlines the percentage that employees are to receive, it doesn’t state the time period after which an employee is entitled to receive it, or if they are entitled to it at all. It leaves the incentive completely up to the discretion of the employer, which can end up with the employer resorting to unfair means so as to hold back the incentives that the employee is entitled to receive. A mix of EPS system along with proper guidelines for the incentives is the best way to understand what the employees want, and what the company can give them.



Jeremy Goldstein has been working in the field of corporate law for several decades, and currently leads his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein, and Associates. The company excels and offering top-tier legal services to clients and corporates from the city of New York, and other parts of the country. Through his career, Goldstein has worked with a wide range of clients and has also authored several publications on the legal system and various other topics related to corporate law. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/JeremyGoldstein14/aci-compensation-committee-presentation-2016