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Todd Lubar on Hard Work and Real Estate Investing

When Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995, he went to work in the mortgage business. If you know anything about the mortgage industry, you know that it is a competitive field. Through his hard work and willingness to do what it took to be successful Mr. Lubar excelled. For several years he ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. Todd Lubar would tell you that discipline and steady focus are what gets the job done. The harder you work, the luckier you become.


These days Mr. Lubar is the president of his own company, TDL Global Ventures, a real estate investment concern. Although he is no longer in the mortgage business, Mr. Lubar approaches real estate investing with the same intensity which earned him accolades in the mortgage business. After 20 years, Mr. Lubar has made his mark in the City of Baltimore, Maryland as a skilled real estate entrepreneur. His company finds structurally sound homes which are in need of repair, refurbishes them, and puts them back on the market. It is easier said than it is to do and requires discipline and efficient use of your time.


Baltimore City has become a beacon to millennials lately. The low house prices and closeness to Washington, D.C. have made it a hot market. To appeal to this segment of home buyers, who are projected to become 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, Mr. Lubar has been installing smart home devices in his new projects. These young house hunters, also known as the internet generation, have begun to expect these features. In fact, smart home technology is becoming standard in many newly constructed homes. Mr. Lubar believes that we are only at the beginning of what will eventually become the norm in just a few more years. Check out Yelp for more.


The work of a busy real estate investor, like Mr. Todd Lubar, is never done. There is much running around which comes with this territory. You must keep an eye on the details; Todd Lubar would tell you. Furthermore, you must surround yourself with competent people who will not let you down. Real estate investing requires a strong will and work ethic to sustain. To keep up his energy, Mr. Lubar looks to his family for inspiration and works out as part of his routine. You can visit his Instagram account.



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