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Securus Technologies Helping Officers Solve Crimes

When it comes to solving crimes, me and my fellow officers on the fugitive task force have to work very hard to prevent crimes before innocent people are effected. This month we were handed a case file where a suspect was able to get out on bail and go on a rampage towards the families that he thought had turned him in. The suspect showed up at the house of people he thought were informants, and he beat them all within inches of their lives.


With a fugitive like this on the loose, me and my fellow officers have to work quickly to locate and arrest the suspect, but this was already appearing to be a challenge. We feared that the combination of close family not talking and people genuinely afraid for their lives would keep anyone helping us take this suspect off the streets. It was time to take our efforts to the one place where you can get people talking about crimes openly without concerns.


We knew that Securus Technologies was responsible for the call monitoring system the corrections officers in that prison were using to monitor calls by inmates, so we decided to see if we could get them to talk. The company is based out of Dallas, and all thousand employees are working towards one objective, making the world a little safer for us all. That was what we were hoping we could do by setting up the LBS software to listen for chatter in our suspect.


Just our presence in the jail got the inmates excited, but one inmate in particular could not help but hit the phone and try to reach his family about warning the suspect we were asking around. This was a lead we needed, so we sent a team there to see if we could connect the dots.