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Madison Street Capital is the best investment institute

Madison Street Capital offers investment banking services to clients over a wide range of sectors. Madison Capital appreciates the uniqueness of each client, and therefore, provides recommendations with careful analysis of their respective needs. Madison Street Capital started offering its services as a middle-market investment financing firm after its founding in 2005. They strive to provide various financial services which are inclusive of corporate advisory, valuation for financial reporting, business valuation. They also provide middle –market firms with financial opinions.


Madison Street Capital provides its clients with the best M&A (Mergers and Acquisition) advisory services. Middle-market investors, as well as business owners, face a major challenge of finding the perfect corporate financial advisor. The numerous middle-market investment financial advisory firms in the market just overwhelm most middle market investors. The search for a reliable advisor before commencing projects can be quite hassling for those looking for specialized and perfect services.


Madison Street Capital’s Reputation is impeccable. Over the ten years in the market, this company has created a history of excellence reliability. This remarkable firm has also profoundly established itself as one of the main financial service providers in the middle market. They help Investors to attain acquisitions, seek satisfactory lending, or even build a secure and reliable exit plan.


Madison Street Capital provides its services at a global scale. It has offices in various continents across the globe which includes Africa, North America, and Asia. This company has a reputation for competence in both the independent and the corporate governance in the local as well as the international markets. Madison Street Capital has experience and knowledge; these are further complemented by an extensive network which helps the company to competently match active buyers with sellers, and also match ideal financing as well as capitalization structures for their clients. They have a unique approach to each client’s situation making sure that the client is given ultimate attention to the merit of his business ventures.

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Meet Tony Petrello: The CEO Responsible For Nabors Industries Constant Success

Nabors Industries is a prominent natural gas and geothermal drilling company based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Since its formation in 1968, the firm has built an excellent reputation based on dedication and commitment to high-quality services. Much of the company’s recent success is owed to its current CEO, Tony Petrello. Mr. Petrello is lauded for insightful leadership and business that have significantly contributed towards the company’s success.

Nabors Industries is proud to be the largest land-based drilling entity and a top provider of offshore drilling rigs to the U.S. As a prominent player in the industry, the firm is skilled in the provision of innovative technologies, performance equipment and drilling services to various clients. Much of Nabors success is attributed to its highly skilled workforce that continues to set high standards for professional excellence.

Services offered

Land and offshore drilling- the enterprise boasts the largest land exploration rig fleet worldwide. Such an attribute is enforced by the presence of 500 rigs in over 25 countries with oil and gas deposits. Additionally, Nabors in on course to acquire an extra 215 rigs to supplement the huge workload available. On the other hand, the enterprise has significantly invested in offshore drilling to capitalize on the enormous oil deposits in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. The presence of 48 operational offshore rigs in the United States is a testament to their financial strength.

Drilling software and technology- Nabors has set itself apart from its competitors by adopting state-of-the-art technology aimed at providing unmatched services to customers. Such technology involves the use of innovative products such as DRILLSMART, RIGWATCH, ROCKIT and Revit. Such products have immensely contributed to drilling efficiency and precise execution of tasks.

Rig equipment-Nabors is committed to providing high-quality petroleum products while also adhering to the highest standards of effectiveness and safety. Such a ruthless focus has promoted the use of case running tools, automated pipe handling, torquing equipment and Canrig Drilling Technology.

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Former Nabors CEO Eugene Isenberg Steps Down From Leadership Post

Tony Petrello holds the current CEO post courtesy of Isenberg’s resignation after two decades at the helm. However, Mr. Isenberg will still serve as Chairman of Nabors’ Board of Directors. Aged 81, Isenberg is credited with steering the company towards success from the jaws of bankruptcy. Petrello’s immense knowledge and experience as COO served as added advantage in his appointment as CEO. More importantly, Tony Petrello think-out-of-the-box attitude speaks volumes about his creativity as a leader.

Why Tony Petrello Didn’t Top the Best-Paid Bosses In 2014

Mr. Petrello earned a mouthwatering $ 68.2 million annual salary in 2013 as a token of his industrious commitment to company development. Such an enormous figure earned Tony Petrello the n0.1 spot on the 50 top-paid CEOs list in 2013. Since his appointment as CEO, company share prices skyrocketed to 180%, a move that stimulated shareholder outrage in the wake of his astonishing paycheck.

High stock prices contributed to an increment of the company’s valuation but failed to attract as much revenue as was expected. After a series of consultative meetings, the Board finally decided to restructure the compensation package through several measures. With a trimmed salary it is highly unlikely that Petrello will top the annual list again.

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Millennial Reach For EOS First

EOS lip balm has seen a lot of success, especially relating to what they are as a brand, how quickly they rose to such success, and the niche market that they entered. The three founders are men, and sell their products to a primarily female market. They sell their products for $3 a pop on Racked, but the products are marketed by beauty bloggers next to $50 makeup compacts and $300 face creams.

How did a products so simple but so genius in design create such reverence with it’s customers? The three founders Jonathan Teller, Craig Dubitsky, and Sanjiv Mehra had the right combination of experience to make their startup a success. They asked the women, “what do you like and dislike about using a lip care product?” They liked the all natural formulations of emerging lip balm pots, but found that dipping their fingers in the balm to apply it felt messy and unhygienic. Packaging maven Mehra put his skills to the test, repackaging that balm ( into a sphere, so the shape of the balm fit the mouth. It could be applied like a chap stick, but it was not as easy to lose. It was a balm that could be applied like a stick, in an inventive new shape.

Teller, with his background in startups, knew that it would be wiser to invest in custom manufacturing equipment before getting down to marketing business. Their investment in automated machinery proved successful in meeting demand and offering new and different product choices. Only after this was in full swing did they market by approaching the niche in a very clever way. Beauty guru bloggers and YouTube stars were approached with product to promote to their audiences, EOS lip balm target customer. Their approach worked and today they sell over a million units per week, very impressive. Read the EOS history on


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A More Serene Setting With Gooee LED Lighting

Gooee is bringing residential lighting to a new level. Whereas before incandescent lightbulbs were commonplace, Gooee’s smart lights are replacing them for their energy efficiency and longevity. In houses with a lot of lighting this is good news because it brings down costs significantly over time and the bulbs need to be replaced less often which is more convenient. In addition to these lights being convenient and less expensive there is about to be a new and exciting feature incorporated into the world of LED lighting.


Some LED lights and LED sockets are WiFi enabled meaning they have the ability to connect to smart phones and smart watches. This ability to connect to WiFi allows the lighting to be controlled remotely, and it also allows the lighting to be controlled on other levels like light temperature, and light intensity. The ability to monitor these lighting levels can be better for aesthetic reasons but also for human health.


One setting lighting can cause impacts on human health like having the lights on at night causes a state of alertness that can make it difficult to fall asleep. Having a dimming setting on the bedroom lights that can be controlled from someone’s ipad allows them to create a more serene setting as they wind down for sleep allowing them to fall asleep more peacefully and it can be done right from their bed so they do not have to get up and disturb their sense of relaxation.

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Handy Is Valuing Profits Over Growth

Starting a new company can take a lot of hard work and effort. It is imperative for those who are starting a new company to do all they can to offer both growth value. This is something that those at Handy understand very well. They know that they must raise capital, provide for their clients and do all they can to make sure that they offer value and attract new customers. In the last few years, as they have learned well, they have done much to provide all such solutions for all those who are involved in the company in some way.

A Home Cleaning Service

Many people today need to have home cleaning services. They are busy and may not have the time to clean the house. This is where many people have found help from other places. They have discovered that it is possible to turn to an app called Handy for help. Handy is a new app that has been developed in recent years. The goal is of the app is to make hiring someone to clean the house much easier. With the app, people can locate a cleaning service in their area they know they can count on for help cleaning.

Making It Work quickly grew from an ideal to an actual company that has many employees and many happy customers. During this process, it became clear the company’s owners they needed to make sure that could see growth but also make it possible for them to see profit as well. Capital came to them as the company grew. It was then that they realized they needed to offer as much profits to their investors. Investors have been pleased to see that the leaders of the company have focused more on making money for them.